I’ve been taking OxyHives for about 3 months everyday

I’ve been taking OxyHives for about 3 months everyday along with cutting out grains, dairy, sugar, most acidic things, and Zija Supermix. Since then I have noticed a huge difference in my outbreaks and angioedema. Haven’t felt this great in 3 years!


KRISTA MORGAN Where do you put the spray? Haha like just spray it on your tongue?

MIRANDA BUSCAY Two sprays under the tongue 3 times a day.

JODI CROSS What acidic things have you cut out please??

MIRANDA BUSCAY Tomatoes, red meat, citrus, chocolate, etc… if you look up foods that are High histamine you will see a long list of foods to avoid also.

JOHNSCINDI FAGAN How do you know any helped then? What is the Zija? Maybe it was the removal of offending foods and not the spray? Or maybe the spray alone? Glad you have relief. Would be great if this product works.

MIRANDA BUSCAY After years of docs, immunologists, tests and antihistamines nothing worked. I would be covered head to toe daily! I started Xolair and it helped for the first few months, but after about 9 months of it I would actually have the outbreaks and swelling the night after injection and days after to the point I decided to stop it. I took two months off of Xolair and things got worse. I then knew the Xolair was helping, but not enough where I ever felt good. I was always tired, swollen, sick, and the hives made me miserable still. I took those months to change the way I was eating and to detox my body, stopped antihistamines, and started noticing how much better I was feeling. Someone then introduced to Zija Supermix which has over 32 anti-inflammatory blends of moringa leaves, seeds and fruit. I started on that and even felt better with weight loss occurring as well (due to chronic inflammation). Things we better but still not resolved. My husband found OxyHives for me and I’m on my second bottle now. I would get hives here and there and after taking it I would noticed relief pretty quickly compared to other meds I’ve taken. I honestly believe incorporating this product along with the others and lifestyle changes of eliminating certain foods I’m on my road to recovering my immune system and healing. I’m able to work out again, don’t swell in the heat like before and live life feeling good.

JOHNSCINDI FAGAN Miranda Buscay this is so encouraging, thank you for sharing.

MIRANDA BUSCAY Thank you. I cried for so many days and felt hopeless. I started on this group and love the support everyone gives eachother. I made a vow to myself that if I found ANY kind of relief I would share what worked for me. If this info can help at least one other person then I’ve done my deed. Nobody should live life with this condition.

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