I’ve had hives for over two months

I’ve had hives for over two months. I thought it was triggered from PHO soup over 2 myths ago. Yet no clue since dr’s say it’s not food related. It’s been 2.5 months I’ve been to 2 intern doctors/2 allergist. I feel dismissed… A lot of people say it’s stress. I had regular blood test just found low vit D and thyroid. -I hv NOT had a allergy test yet. I have not done the gluten-free dairy free low histamine diet yet. I have hypothyroidism. I’ve had a Decadron shot and I’ve been on steroids for 2weeks.. and I’ve been off it for a month. It came back with a vengeance after. Now it’s on the bottom my feet and it’s hard to walk. I take 1 zyrtec and Zantac in the morning and one Zyrtec at night I don’t want to keep taking all this –I had no hives for two days and then it comes back. I feel like not going out like I used to. Why are they spreading and so welchie. I don’t know if Benadryl is better at night… To try the Paleo diet or what… I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar but not consistently… Help


AMANDA SHOEMAKER I had the same thing for a few months. Went to urgent care, derm 2x, allergist. Several blood tests and no one could find a problem. My husband finally convinced me to try drinking bentonite clay in case I had candida overgrowth or leaky gut. The clay cleans your gut. I thought it sounded silly but I was desperate. Day 3/4 they were gone. I drank it for one month. I’ve been hive free now since February! Might be worth a try

DANIELLE SHAPIRO I saw that on here. I am buying it. Did u go on a low anti-histamine or Paleo diet too?

JESSICA WEST Danielle Shapiro , Are you on thyroid meds? My guess is you might have Hashimotos. You need to start the AIP diet. No gluten, grains, corn, soy, dairy. Read about it. I also drink the bentonite clay and have been hive free. I’m also doing a parasite cleanse. Find a Naturopath. My FT3 is low but Endcrinologist wouldn’t give me meds. I’m going to a Naturopath in a couple weeks to get the thyroid figured out.

DANIELLE SHAPIRO Jessica West – I am on levoxyl (generic for synthroid). Never been to a endo yet. then what do you eat if you can’t have dairly, I love dairly, gluten- I love bread hahaha. I went to a new reg Dr. and he said hypothryoidsm is Hashimotos….HUH? Then he need’s to test me to see if my hypothryoidism is Hashimoto’s. It’s on my feet too anyone get it on their feet?

JESSICA WEST I’m literally living off of vegetables, fruit and meat. There are tons of recipes online. Haven’t tried any yet. You can reintroduce foods within a couple weeks. It’s basically a reset. If you have Hashimotos then that’s probably why you have hives. Doing the AIP diet could put Hashimotos in remission. Go see a Naturopath. Don’t waste time with Endcrinologist. And I looooove bread and all carbs! Ahhh so it’s been rough. Worth it not to have hives though. I feel so normal now.

DANIELLE SHAPIRO Plus I need to lose weight – the AIP will help! I only go to an intern doctor who found my thyroid issue. Jessica did you lose weight on Paleo?

MARGARET BARLOW Low thyroid and Vitamin D can contribute to the hives. Are you taking Vitamin D and getting treatment for the thyroid? Take another Zantac at night, so a Zyrtec and a Zantac twice a day, every day. Sometimes a medicine regimen can take a few days to a couple of weeks to see results.

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I have to take an antihistamine – Zyrtec or Claritin – every 4 hours. My skin starts to itch when they wear off. If I wait too long, I take Benadryl and Zyrtec together. I still have hives but they don’t welt.

EBONI NICHOLE Hi Danielle, I’ve been in your skin! I have yet to find the perfect mix of antihistamines but I use a double dose of Alegra and a regular dose of Benadryl. My hives sometimes strike with a vengeance and it just takes time for them to resolve. Over the years, and through many useless specialty Dr’s visits, I’ve learned my monthly cycle hormones break me out the worst: face, arms, thighs, bottom of feet, butt, any and ever where! My triggers are gluten, fish, nuts, tomatoes & my own hormones.

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