Juice is better absorbed and easier to digest

1st day of trying celery juicing, put celery in my smootie machine (looks a bit thick & pretty yuk.. dunno if I should pass it through a sieve) advice appreciated..I will try anything, here goes!!


Isabella Broderick Me too first day. I added raw ginger to mine.

Leanne Brash Its been strained now & yuk its pretty disgusting 😂

Tammy Starren Leanne Brash can you like mix it with something…fruit?

Leanne Brash Im not sure at all, im new to it. If it works I will bear it 2 get rid of these hives

Tammy Starren How much celery makes that glass? Do I need to go load our truck lol

Kate Nelson Yes filter out all the fibers. Chunky celery juice is ick! It’s also saltier than you think it would be.

Gordana Donna Per Medical Medium drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach does miracles. Should be only celery juice

Karen Hoffee Hewitt I drink it sometimes. I use a Breville Juicer. It removes almost all the solids. I think it’s not bad. I’d say get/borrow an actual juicer it makes a BIG difference.

Tess Adams I do green apple, lemon and honey. You can also mix your celery with melons, figs, grapefruit, grapes, kiwi, mango and pears which contains low levels of histamine. I use Vitamix and it will grind everything in seconds. It’s powerfully wonderful and it’s worth the investment to own one.

Keith Dorman A smoothie isnt the same as juicing. Juicing has removed the fibre. A celery smoothie looks disgusting and probably tastes disgusting too.

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