Just looking for some support, tips and guidance in hives

Xolair once a month, zytec, singular and this had been the worse three days. I was told today to up my zytec. And I am going to take a vitamin D tablet. In two weeks it will be a year. I have been so miserable. Took to much prednisone at the beginning stages and now I am diabetic. Just looking for some support, tips and guidance.


Jennifer McCracken I mean worse since starting the shot. It has been worse than this

Dana Green Ridgeway I’m sorry. Have u tried a probiotic?

Heather Yoney Colley From what I have been reading, I would suggest having your vit D level checked. Several here and on sites I googled for Hives and Vit D suggest taking high doses daily of D. I already know mine is low, so I’m starting to take 4 tab (4,000 IU) and see if it helps. I hope you have luck with it too

Dana Green Ridgeway Vitamin C too

Heather Yoney Colley Dana, may I ask about the Vit C? I was always taught that too much Vit C is just flushed out by your kidneys, so how would you keep a higher level of it?

Maureen A Flaherty Be sure to check with you doctor first but, have you tried Allegra, Zantac/ranitidine, which is an antacid but has a blocker in it that helps hives. When you have these awful breakouts do you go on Prednisone? Or Benadryl looks just dreadful good luck to you. I hope and pray you feel better soon!

Bron Neigh Have you got PCOS by any chance?
One of the Drs I saw sees a lot of CU in women with insulin resistance & PCOS. Going on a ketogenic (VERY low carb) helped them.
It’s a hard diet to follow but if it works it’s worth it.

Dana Green Ridgeway Heather Yoney Colley my allergist told me to keep my vitamin c up since it is a autoimmune disorder so I just take vitamin c tablets daily

Heather Yoney Colley Mine hadn’t mentioned any vitamins so I will have to tell him about it. Thanks, Dana!

Miriam Finol Have you tried a low histamine diet? I feel for you, that looks very uncomfortable!!

Jennifer McCracken I cannot take prednisone due to Blood sugar it makes it go sky high. I didn’t have diabetes until I started taking it. But I can live with that for now.I had a Hysterectomy so no PCOS. I will keep you all updated. it is better than it was this morning this was at 7 am. I am going to look at a low histamine diet and see..

Jennifer McCracken thanks for being here

Kelly Harrigan Niles Jennifer, i am type 1 diabetic and i am on prednisone. I just test about 10 times a day. I notify my endo any time i ween down to different dosage of prednisone. You just need to be extra extra vigilant. It does stink cause it can add extra lbs too. But if its for only a few weeks, its worth it for me.

Faye Ridlehoover-Pepper Everyone is different, so it’s hard to tell what will work. In the beginning I was taking Benadryl day and night along with allegra and ranitidine 2x day. Eventually upped the allegra to 3x day and added singular at night. Started cutting back on the Benadryl slowly. In the fall started taking 5,000 units vitamin D3, also and dropped the noon allegra. Hives started to diminish and by mid Feb. had no hives. Then I started tapering meds and have been off everything except for the D3 since mid-May. I continue to take D3. So far, things are good; I still worry every morning that I’ll wake up to hives, but not yet! Hang in there. I know it’s a pain in the butt. Good luck.

Amanda Rios I hope all goes well wish I could help I have my days too sucks.. hang in there

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