just over 12 months ago started seeing a specialist for my Urticaria.

I’ve had skin issues all my life, and just over 12 months ago started seeing a specialist for my Urticaria.
I’ve had countless tests, been on extreme elimination diets – which only helped for about few weeks at most, and back to daily dose of Zyrtec, eczema/steroid creams and prednisolone – for swelling of lips etc.
being summer in Australia at the moment it’s as bad as ever! as like many of you, heat seems to make it more aggressive.
My feet are currently swelling at the moment and feel like I’m on fire 😞
How long did it take most of you on meds to be put on them? Any great mini miracle pills/preventatives people have?
It’s slowly affecting everything- including my job some days and happy to hear from others so I can try and have somewhat of a better day to day balance/routine back.


BRITT SCHULDES Drs made my daughter have unresponsive hives for 1 yr before trying xolair

LIZ KING I suffered for 8 years with over the counter meds that were losing the ability to keep my hives at bay. Great photo of your foot btw, most of us know that is a crippling swelling. I was missing an increasing number of days of work finally losing my managerial position. I became suicidal as o watched my life descend and nothing I was trying was helping. I asked to be referred to UCSF when I heard they take difficult cases. While waiting for Xolair, they put me on hydroxyzine, it worked so well, I’m still on it, 18 months later. I LOVE it.
Hot spotty hugs

CATHERINE MEOWHEE My clinician put me on loratidine and ranitidine in the morning, chlorophenarmine as breakthrough and hyroxyzine and ranitidine at night. Especially during the hormone surge period, hives got worst.

MEGAN JORGENSEN Try naturopathic medicine?

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