just thought I would share

This is an amazing help with the hives along with Aveeno body wash for sensitive skin with a soft shower puff to ease the itch with gentle scratch relief… it’s helped my skin and got me through the horrible itch days and nights… my skin hurt less using these products the anti itch lotion was an amazing help when it felt like I wasn’t gonna have skin left and it was becoming raw. This lessened that a hundred times better if I just put the lotion on when the itch started instead of scratching 😉just thought I would share.


BROOKE DAY I love these and the oat baths they do too!

ERICA KATHRYN SANDER The oat baths are amazing agreed! I’ll have to try the lotions! I currently used coconut oil which also seems to give me relief!

BROOKE DAY Erica Kathryn Sander coconut oil is also a wonder isnt it – Ive been cooking with it too instead of oil/ butter and am finding that good too!

ERICA KATHRYN SANDER Right!! Ive started oil pulling today heard great things about that to

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Thanks for sharing!

RANA SILVER Aveeno is good stuff!

VALERIE BRENNAN Aveeno anti itch is a staple in my home – one in every bathroom and one in my purse. I literally never leave home without it.

NANCY DEPERI Thanks for sharing!

MARY ANN DEGLOPPER QUIROZ Love both of those !

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