Keep fighting CIU warriors!

My daughter has been hive and angioedema free for 4 months on Xolair.

My daughter has been hive and angioedema free for 4 months on Xolair. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are on the fence about trying it, I highly recommend you try. It did give her a better quality of life. Keep fighting CIU warriors!.


Den Scorsh
So happy for her.. she’s beautiful! Stay healthy!

Dana Robinson Harris
Denise Conti Scorcia thanks, we just got her senior pictures back last night. Had to share something positive.

Karrina Marie Ward
i wish i could try it ,i will sk my dermatoligist but im in britian i dont know if they do it here . id love to have no rash though so i could get out of the house more and feel good about doing it .

Dana Robinson Harris
Karrina, definitely ask. As I said, it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps a lot of people. Hugs!

Karrina Marie Ward
Dana Robinson Harris thankyou

Kirsty Moore
Karrina Marie Ward I’m in Britain- they do it here only it’s known as omalizumab. Took me 5 years of fighting to get it after being covered head to toe every day. I’m now hive free (until the mandatory break after 6 months) – definitely ask but you’ll prob need to see an immunologist to get it approved. Good luck x

Dana Robinson Harris
Kirsty, yes that is the same thing…great info. 😊

Karrina Marie Ward
Amazing ,thanyou for telling me that i will do this .

Debora Crescenzo Ackner
She’s beautiful! Cheers to continued good health:)

Amir Mariann
I am so happy for you and for her, to get back your life is one of the greatest news! Wish you good health!

Annie Zeimis
Xolair has also been great for me for 5 months now.

Crystal Alexander
Xolair has been a game changer for me also for the last 2 years!

Charley Ella Robertson

Xolair has given me back my quality of life for 2 years and allowed me to have a beautiful little girl and breastfeed her 🤗

Dana Robinson Harris
Charley, this is incredible!!

Linda Monette
Awesome 👏👏👏👏👏 and so pretty!

Helen Taylor-Bray
It’s been a life saver for me, been on it 3 1/2 years now, beautiful young lady

Renee Cobb
Xolair saved my life! After 3 straight years of elimination diets, tests, daily torture and total loss of quality of life I got my life back! I’m so thankful every day I get to be a wife and mom and enjoy life again. Good for her

Aubrey Johnson
I recently got back on to xolair as i had insurance issues so had to be off it for 2 and half months. Ive been on it for years. Its been so long since my first injection years ago so i dont remember how long it takes for xolair to really start working. I think a few days. I just got it again yesterday afternoon and still breakouts this morning. How long did every one wait before seeing clear skin after xolair.

Dana Robinson Harris
Aubrey, Kiana wasn’t hive free till her 4th injection.

Aubrey Johnson
Ok thanks. Yeah i remember it working fairly quickly when i first started the shot but since i have had a gap inbetween it may take longer

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