Last night I got a horrible pain on the inside of my wrist.

Last night I got a horrible pain on the inside of my wrist. It happened quite suddenly. Next thing I knew my wrist and half my forearm blew up. Next you could see the outline of a hive/bruise. This morning it has traveled down my arm. Two Zyrtec and swelling is down a bit. Anyone else ever get this?


MOON DE HEER Yes , after i’ve finished work and i get to relax at home this happens a lot as long as i keep going it stays away , so it is work house chores then shopping if needed and then hives and pain from my left over symptomes from vitamine b12 and vitamine D defeciency

JES MOTTA My very first giant hive, reacted similarly.
Started in base of palm wrist area and traveled all the way to my elbow before it went away. I also went to the hospital because I wasnt sure what the heck was going on at the time.

COLLEEN STANLEY I almost did go to urgent care but after 6 years of this crap I kinda had a feeling

JES MOTTA Colleen oh yeah that was the first and only time I went to the ER for just your standard giant hives. That was 15years ago. After that I would only go if it was my Tongue or Throat which would happen at least 3x a year since then. I also went a couple times when it was my face really bad and that was because I couldnt get it to go down. And the pain was too much to handle.

COLLEEN STANLEY Maybe one day we will be normal. Maybe one day pigs will fly too


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