Little evening chuckle for all of my fellow “hive-ers”

Damn pressure hives.

Here’s a little evening chuckle for all of my fellow “hive-ers”…
I went to the dentist today to start the process for my Invisalign treatment. (Wanna fix a couple flaws) They took impressions and xrays scans… then came time for the pictures. The hygienist had me use a small plastic device to pull my lips and cheeks back from my teeth so that they could get great pictures of my “bite“. I did this for both sides a couple of times. I didn’t think anything of it, and of course, the entire process itself was completely painless. Fast forward seven hours later into the evening, and I’m the poster child for a lip fillers!!! 😂😂😂 damn pressure hives. Grab some lip gloss and own it!!!! 🤣 feeling like “Stiffler‘s mom“ over here! Have a great night everyone!


Lindsay Oosten
Stiffler’s mom! Well played 🤣

Miriam AbdulQaabid
Niiiice 🤣

Meredith League Pretzie
Looks like you paid for those plump lips girl, go for it!

Bonnie Schultz
What a good attitude girl! 😜

Angela Day
Funny!! I had the same thing happen when I did my CPR class! 🙄

Maranda Blain Gainey
I would just be happy that they look super even and it was like a lip filler job. Most the time my lips swell only on one side and it does not look good.

Patti Nolan
Maranda Blain Gainey me too

Maranda Blain Gainey
Super cute pic

Thomas Tricia Draper
Haha your awesome, love this!

Katherine Stokes Mann
I hate it if you just put a little too much pressure on your lip and boom they swell up. So sorry.

Patti Nolan
Can we all take a minute and appreciate those lashes?!

Vaso Klauck
So funny how people pay $$$ to look like that 😂 you do look great👌and I guess you had a delayed reaction to the procedure?

Vicky Bonafede
Gorgeous! I do like it when my lips swell makes me feel like I have some 🤣

Sheena Gallegos
This is great! Thanks for the laugh! 😜

Jim Hickman
We’ve seen that many times in our house. I feel for you.

Janice Lemley-Solem
You’re still BEAUTIFUL❤️I’m sorry this is happening to you😑

Muhammad Masood
Thanks for the chuckles 🤗 Hope the knuckleheads find out how to treat

Chrissie Melton
Lol I remember that botched botox look. Keep smiling 😁💗

Jacadia Aldaine
Stiffler’s mom 🤣🤣🤣 too great

Jeanne Zamora
My child only has hives qnd angioedema after dental procedures

Katie Franklin
I love that you can have a sense of humor through the hive struggle lol

Soren J Ateri
I use the same doctor for my botox!
I live in orange county and just go with the botox story lol

Amanda Weaver
👏 In situations like this, humor is the best medicine! It has gotten me through many flare ups! Work it, Girlie… lookin good! Lol! 😁😗

Julie Menard
Love your sens of humour 🤪

Loryn Sykes
Go Kylie, go kylie!! 😂😂 sometimes we just have to laugh! Happens to me all the time! 💕

Kimberley Quirk

Oh I’ve so been there ❤️ own it!!

Jessi Wynelle Tallent
Who knew the ortho was the best lip plumper? Take that Kardashians.

Charlene Duffy
Is it weird that I’m jealous of how other people’s lips on here swell? 😂 When mine swell it’s always only my top lip and I look like a platypus!!!!

Josephine Palermo Williford
Charlene Duffy Chavez I usually look like a Simpson’s character

Josephine Palermo Williford
People pay good money for that!!! Rock on!!! I feel ya❤

Suzy Howell
Sometimes you just have to laugh – this is such an absurd illness !!!

Michelle Bruch
Thank God for your sense of humor! You look fabbbbulousssss!!

Nalini Roy Babber
I get this too!

Starlynn Nichole Perez
Stifflers mom 😂

Danielle LaSalle
Love this!😂💛

Anita Ross
lol hugs

Amée Burgess
At least it’s both sides mines normally just one side 😂 I look like elephant man!

Jeanne Naser
Me too! Sometimes it starts on one side and over a days time it will slide to the other side. Its crazy!

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