My little guy wannna to momma milk

Any other breast feeding mommas in here? Looking for hope that your supply didn’t dry up while on all the steroids/antihistamines. This isn’t my first hives flare, but the first one that has happened while breast feeding. I just really wanna get my little guy to a year on momma milk…


BETANIA TILHE I am! My baby is 14 monthes. I take fexofenadine, ranitidine and montelukast. I also had 2 periods os prednisone. I hope I don’f have to stop brestfeeding due to the hives.

AMBER VAN DENZEN SUAREZ Most don’t transfer to breast milk. A lot of doctors err on the side of caution but you can always check the infant risk app and confirm

JESSICA VIERELA ROBERTS My doc ok’d it (she’s also my sons doc), but wasn’t sure what effect if any it would have on supply. I wonder why it was not bf compatible? I’m going to double check now.

KERRY FITZPATRICK FEROLDI I had hives while breastfeeding and doc told me I could not take steroid unless I stopped. I did continue to take a million antihistamines. Just something to check on with your doc.

AUDREY SHEPARD I was fine. I breastfed 3 children for a year each…. it was all good

AMBER VAN DENZEN SUAREZ Me! Babe is now 15 months. And still bfing. drink tons of h20 and take prenatal vitamins. Heathly fats in your diet and you should be fine! You got this!


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