Long post alert but worth the read…

I saw this and felt I had to post. I am so happy for this young lady and her family… My son suffers from Chronic Urticaria, however not as severe as others I have seen on here. I saw this child, I don’t know her skin condition, but I thought that if this could possibly help others, it would be worth sharing.

Long post alert……..but worth the read…

What a lot of people don’t realize is how our products can help in so many ways and many of our products are child approved.

This little girl has had some inspiring results. I know this nutrition is nothing short of miraculous, which is the reason why I can’t stop sharing it!

Chasity Childers Clark has seen some serious miracles.

Her words:
“I sit here again in awe at all the changes happening for our family right now. I know this is long but maybe there’s someone out there who can relate and so I thought I’d share our story.

Just over year ago we were back and forth to the ER with my daughter begging someone to help us. Up all hours of the night trying to find solutions to this raging skin condition that was making my little girl miserable. Nights spent holding her in the bath tub because it hurt so bad to take a shower. Many nights of tears… from her in pain, from me and Bryan because we can’t stop the pain, from her brother Parrish because he hates to see her suffer. I knew we needed a change and I was unwilling to accept what we had been told for 9 years “this is a life long condition all we can do is treat the skin and try to control the itching”… No, that’s bs, there HAS to be a cause of this manifestation. After years of trying different things, lab tests and eliminating certain foods we began to notice how important food was in relation to her reactions. Finally at our wits end, we knew we had to make some major changes to our diet and life style. And so we switched to a whole fresh food diet. Eliminating her known allergies and sensitivities, saying good bye to wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, and seafood along with a ton of other things she was sensitive to. This was no easy task!! Just moving to make healthy non processed food choices alone was some scary stuff. But with a little determination patience and support we made it. Now, with our whole family eating healthy we all began to see very clear improvements in our health. But still, with paxtyn, we just couldn’t seem to get the few stubborn places to heal. I understood that, in order to get her past this hump, we needed to allow for her gut to heal while still receiving the nutrition she needed. So we tried a long list of shakes and nutritional supplements. Nothing worked, or she wouldn’t drink it at all which of course never gave it the opportunity to work.

Fast forward to December 2017 and a sweet angel came in to our lives to share an amazing nutritional system that “may be something that would help us” I was skeptical of course but also desperate. “100% money back in 30 days of you don’t like your results, so what do you have to lose?” She said.. GREAT!! I couldn’t get an order in fast enough lol. 3 days after the system starts and she is feeling better. “Mommy I feel better, I have more energy and my sores are healing” Now here we are now January, a month in … and the improvements are so amazing that I have a difficult time reminding her we still have to be careful of certain foods. In fact she tested this theory this weekend and, unfortuantely, slacked on her shakes and ate things on her avoidance list so she suffered the consequences. I spoke with her in length and allowed this to happen because I needed her to see that what she puts into her body matters. She also understands that as her gut has had time to heal she will be able slowly reintroduce many of the foods she wants and not suffer because of it. Now I still have many nights of tears but they are tears of joy and accomplishment, tears of appreciation for this journey and where it’s led us. Tears of hope for all the others suffering to explore the possibility of food as medicine and change what they are putting into their bodies so they can change their lives!

Nutrition is SO important. We’ve been told this all our lives, but for me, I never really understood it. As I grew up and had my own family it seemed impossible to feed my family fresh whole foods. Who has the time for that? How do I even cook that? Will anyone even eat it?? It’s too easy to go to processed foods for a quick meal and can seem far too difficult to teach yourself how to prepare healthy meals that your body actually needs. It can seem scary to think about changing your lifestyle. But it’s not too hard. It’s entirely possible! For some maybe it’s as simple as just changing that one meal a day to start. Making sure one meal a day is as healthy and fresh as it can be. And as you learn more and more (and you will even if it’s just one meal a day you are preparing) you can expand to snacks, to breakfast and lunch .. until before you know it you’re feeling fantastic and have so much energy you’re looking for new hobbies just to burn it ❤ ❤ For us, this nutrition system made this possible not only by giving me a way to get the nutrition my daughter needed in to her but also allowing me to get the nutrition in my entire family when time is short. It’s a life saver!

If you found something that changed your life wouldn’t you share it? I have to. It’s not within me to keep my mouth shut about something that has created such a dramatic change in my family. To not share with those who could benefit would be a disservice. So if you’re on the fence jump you have nothing to lose.”

Be proactive with your health today and your future will thank you!!


MELANIE NOOSBOND What was it called?

CAROL ZAMMIT I am so happy you found ways to help your child

MARIAN WERTALKA What is the nutritional system that helped so much?

GYPSY CYNDI WIRTZ Some people believe that changing the food you eat fixes leaky gut which is a major reason people have hives and probiotics can change that

HEATHER DERBY NEUFELD Ive also found diet plays a major role with my hives but I’d like to know what you gave her. So pleased for your little girl that she is much better, way to go Mum.

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