Love to all on this journey and enjoy this picture of my angel

I have not posted a thread in a while hoping to get through some Xolair shots and get relief without jinxing my luck. I have had 4 shots with great success!!! A very rare hive, hardly no itching, more energy, overall feeling much better & returning to do normal things again!!! Yay!!! Until..this past Saturday I had an anaphylaxis event 😭😭 I was sleeping and awakened because I was struggling to breath.
I could inhale and exhale but it just felt like I was not getting the air I needed. I tried labored breathing, no relief, used Albuterol inhaler with ongoing labored breathing but still no relief. It felt as if some one or something was squeezing my lungs and slowly applying more pressure so it was getting more and more difficult to get air.
I tried to get up to get my epi-pen out of the other room but was dizzy and light-headed and I couldn’t stand. I was inside with my wonderful dog and my husband was outside washing my car. I had my nebulizer beside me and tried that as well but it was just getting worse and worse when my 2 year old lab, Teagan, started barking and barking and barking ferociously to get my husband inside who got my Epi pen, I administered it to my right thigh and within 2 minutes I was able to breath completely normal and the pressure around my lungs gone!
My doctor told me today that I can no longer have Xolair- anaphylaxis is a deal breaker for her! So who knows what the future holds for me with this disease, but on this day, I am incredibly grateful for my amazing dog for doing his part to save my life! & no he has not been trained as a service dog, but maybe I should consider it!! Love to all on this journey and enjoy this picture of my angel!


Robin Hill Sanchez Sorry for your anaphylaxis event, but wonderful story, wonderful dog!

Jacqui Todd Ann Buchanan Terry, your post made me cry! Not just because I feel so awful for you having to discontinue a successful medication, or the awful scare you must have had, but because you still find a way to be grateful to your gorgeous dog despite this disappointment you must feel. I got my 5th shot today and this has made me remover to be vigilant with the risk of anaphylaxis. You will find another medication to give you relief, and you will always have your beautiful dog to keep you sane. Much love from Scotland from my furry friend

Jacqueline Smith Wow .so sorry that this has happened to you. Scary stuff. What a hero your dog is x

Kathryn May So sorry you are going though this horrible time. Your dog is an angel.

Ann Buchanan Terry Jacqui, what an adorable picture!! Thanks for sharing and yes, always remember to be diligent about your epi-pen. My dog is definitely my hero, my angel, and my biggest snuggle buddy too!! Thanks everyone

Michelle Donnellan So do they think it was the Xolair that caused the anaphylaxis?? My Immu still kets me have it as even tho i still get recurring anaphylaxis it’s no where as nasty as normal and hardly as many ER trips with it.

Ann Buchanan Terry Yes Michelle, I have not had an anaphylaxis event in 3 1/2 years and the only thing new is the Xolair so she said she can accept the other side effects I was experiencing (headaches, joint pains) but this is a deal breaker. I even told her that doctors of some of you on here still let you get it but she told me no way 😭😭 I guess everyone is different and since I had not had an episode like that in a long time that makes a difference. Since you have them more frequently without it, I guess that may be the reason your doctor says it’s not a problem.

Natalie Clarice Whitworth Thanks for sharing. I agree that with CU it can be hard to say what is remission and what is actual drug anaphylaxis. I hope your future is bright

Sue Elshire Hargrave Your pooch is an angel!

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