May your day be hive and stress free.

I will be mostly channeling Ben Affleck in a bid to beat hives!

Happy holiday my itchy friends – May your day be hive and stress free. I will be mostly channeling Ben Affleck in a bid to beat hives!
Conversations with my sister in law
SIL- so how are the hives
Me – Pretty shit actually
SIL – well you look fine today (look of disbelief)
Me – yes well I’ve spent most of this week fasting every other day, not drinking and eating only plant based food in between so I could wake up without hives today. This is only my 2nd day this month without body coverage.
SIL – glazes over, thinks I’m lying, starts another conversation.


Renee Cobb
Yep. Nobody understands. But, from a fellow misunderstood itchy gal, I hope you have a Merry Christmas 🎄

Lisa King
Merry Christmas!!! I have a giant swollen egg on my arm today. Its my Christmas egg. Hugs.🥚🎄

Susan Davis Cowan
But you look fine! 😂🙄😭🤯 Wishing you an itch-free holiday, my Hivey Sisters!

Elise Rappoport
Susan Davis Cowan exactly and back atcha. The old alternate day fasting worked as it was meant to.

Margaret Crider
Ooomph! It’s always charming when family thinks you’re faking it. I’m sorry. Brush it off-I’m sure you did just that. And wine-don’t forget the wine.
Merry Christmas. Hope you feel better soon. 🎄🎁💕

Elise Rappoport
Margaret Crider honestly I’m good. The alternate day fasting helped make this morning just about the kids. Happy Christmas lovey..

Lori Wolff
Does fasting help you? I was about 7 months into ADF when mine first began.

Elise Rappoport

Lori Wolff yes massively. First thing to give me any control that’s not a drug. I have been doing it for about a year. I try to stick to low hist and predominantly plant based if I am not fasting. So my Christmas prep included fasting Sunday, herx day Monday (light diet plant only btw 12-6pm), no hives yesterday (light diet, plant only btw 12-6pm), two small hives today. My husband had made the dinner for us all which includes a vegan gluten free wellington. He is an amazing cook. So I’m sticking to my window and I will try and stay off wine.

Lori Wolff
Elise Rappoport that is very good to hear! Since I was already ADF when it began, many, including people in the fasting community blamed ADF. I tried a 2 week break doing only OMAD and it didn’t make a bit of difference, and I hated it. Went back to ADF this week.

Elise Rappoport
Yes to be fair this puzzled me about you but I expect this is not caused by fasting but a genetic predisposition to autoreactive disease or a specific trigger that woke it up, a shock, infection/virus. Do you have any other autoimmune diseases? Honestly if I am very strict and strategic i can use it like a mild steroid. I would say that of all the techniques I’ve picked up over the years with this diet, fasting and yoga are my best weapons.

Lori Wolff
Elise Rappoport yes I do have Hashimoto’s, but for more than 25 years now.
It is very puzzling to me because overall my health has been 100 times better since starting IF, including my immunity. Prior to IF my pattern was to have a cold or virus, be flat on my back for 2-3 weeks, have maybe a 5-10 day reprieve, then come down with something else – over and over again for at least ten years I was sick much more than I was well. I had taken to wearing latex gloves on the subway and it wasn’t helping, I had just bought face masks to wear, I was so sick and tired of being sick that I didn’t care what people thought! I had just finished a 3 week respiratory virus before I began fasting, and in over a year since then I have only been sick ONE time, and that wasn’t bad enough to keep me home one day.
Once when I went to the doctor the nurse had a raging cold that had just started that morning, and I was in a small exam room with her for twenty minutes with her coughing and sneezing and blowing her nose the whole time, she even handled a device that she put on my nose and another that I put on my mouth! Normally I would have objected, but I thought to myself that this will be the true test of if IF really boosted my immune system, and sure enough, I did not get sick!
So it boggles my mind that with this newfound drastic improvement in my immune system that I would come down with a new autoimmune disease!
Oh yes, and another thing that IF cured was my severe insulin resistance, so why my body would suddenly break down like this is perplexing!

Lori Wolff
Karen Streator Smith Alternate Day Fasting (36-48 hours, sometimes I go a little longer, but that is the standard protocol).
It can be done in various patterns, from true every other day to 2-3 times a week. Lately I am doing it twice a week with one meal a day the other days.

Elise Rappoport
Karen Streator Smith I do take them. I was down to about 1 loratadine and 1 fex with a montelukast before bed this summer but had a shitty relapse which set me back months of progress. I’m now 2, 2 1. I tend to do a monthly fasts – I actually do better (thanks to Lori Wolff’s advice) if I clean/water fast for first 24 hrs and then juice for another 48. I usually do this once a month around my period but for the holiday I did alternate day and it really came through thank goodness. Few after lunch but I’m not going to eat or drink anymore wine now. Hope you have an itch free day xx

Lori Wolff
Karen Streator Smith I did not know histamine was associated with weight loss? So do you think that my losing weight caused excess histamine, which caused the hives? I have been completely stalled in weight loss since the hives began, have been up as much as 9 pounds, but I thought that the antihistamines were causing fluid retention, because on the rare occasion that I can skip them for a few days that 9 pounds comes off. But still fasting the good fast I have not gone below my pre-hive low weight once….

Elise Rappoport
Lori Wolff I am sure it’s the hashis. It’s so common with urticaria plus the weight loss may have been the physical extreme that tripped the switch for you. Both my mum and granny are/were – the latter having died) hashi and both had isolated bouts of acute urticaria – not chronic, which hospitalised them both. I’m coeliac and so is one of my sons. I think I was a ticking bomb of genetic dominos waiting for the perfect storm to trip the switch. Extreme anything sets me off. I’m sorry you’re not getting relief at all. How long has it been since it started for you?

Lori Wolff
Karen Streator Smith that is really interesting – I realized that antihistamines were weight gainy just from my own experience, but I did not know that blocking histamine was the reason why, that histamine helps us lose weight!
I have pretty much given up trying to follow any specific diet – if I tried to keep low histamine, low carb, and thyroid friendly all at the same time I would not be able to hit all the nutritional points, especially since I don’t eat every day. I just eat when it is my time to eat…..

Suzanne Motheral
That sucks. They have no idea.
I threaten to bust out the photos when people or family or friends do that 😹 I photo document for my doctors anyway. 😕

Lori Wolff
Suzanne Motheral a picture says a thousand words, all I have to is show one photo and anyone gets it.

Elaine Nightingale
Thank goodness for this group

Jon Johnson
I get that a lot too. “Well you look fine!”

Dannah Harris Adams
Very common

Skye Sales
People don’t care or understand. At least you have this group to vent too.

Karen Aldous
Sounds about right, unfortunately…

Diane Rood Pittman
I’ve had them for 30 years off and on.I have a coctail of meds from Mayos Clinic that really . helped me.

Kristen Spyker

Hahaha……I can relate to that!

Carolyn Falconer Horne
I’ve been covered head to toe in burning agony and told to please not bring it up again.

Rohit Sarkar
It’s so difficult living like this.

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