Moisturize my whole body with coconut oil and it does help a lot.

hives medicine

Wanted to share this with you all, I did some research on peppermint and how it can help and ease with the itching of hives/urticaria . So I found this soap at target.. and it sure does help a whole lot.. usually when my itching starts I take a cold shower use this soap and moisturize my whole body with coconut oil and it does help Alot.. gives me lots of relief.


LIZ KING Ive been using that exact one for years. Along with other grocery changes. 7th Generation laundry soap, organic shampoo & conditioner, feathers have all been replaced by down alternatives….
I do love that soap, glad you do too

BRIGITTE FLORES It’s great.. Thank you

ANGELIKA JAMES I use that same soap but with tea tree oil… love it!

HEATHER DERBY NEUFELD Ive use Castillo soap as hand soap but will be getting some peppermint now for a body wash.
Thank you

LINDA MALLEY Now that you mention peppermint, I thought about biofreeze and that menthol like feeling. There’s something to that

LAURA KRAUSE I’ve had to use cephacil face soap (liquid) at times, for my whole body… expensive but it also works….

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