Most doctors say they’re not hives, but the itching is unbearable

Here are pics of my rash. Most doctors say they’re not hives, but the itching is unbearable. Sometimes the bumps are so small they’re barely noticeable. Sometimes they gather in a light red patch. Does anyone else have anything like this? I’ve been to my GP, 3 dermatologists, 2 allergists, a rheumatologist and infectious disease ( I was on a cruise in Feb.) and haven’t been diagnosed with anything.


Jaime Bundy would have though dermo would suggest it but my eczema can look a bit like that at times before it gets bad,  also looks like some pics of hives I’ve seen strange that none of the doctors agree thou. if u can get to london or cambridge both have fantastic consultants I go to addenbrokes in Cambridge for everything. hope you find something to help if u can’t find cause

Peter Lee I have CU and AD (atopic dermatitis or eczema). The two often blend together into one non stop itch

Mary Empie Evans So far the only thing that has helped is prednisone. However, I started a new combo last week….Allegra, Singulair and doxepin.(plus down to 20 mg prednisone). Rash and itching have been worse (although tonight is better than usual). Does anyone now if it takes awhile for antihistamines to work?

Monica Setzer Tulley That is kind of what the rash I get on my face looks like. Kind of a rash but not really a rash but not normal. I haven’t found anything yet except strict avoidance of triggers.

Julia Fontera If you have chronic idiopathic urticaria chronic hives which is hives lasting more than 6 weeks. Hives can be rash like yours or wheels. If you have CIU sometimes antihistimines dont help at all or not enough.

Mary Empie Evans What ever I have it started on my scalp in March and gradually spread to different parts of my body. Small patches first then larger areas. All terribly itchy,

Julia Fontera Did the docs do any tests

Mary Empie Evans Typical allergy tests, ANA, Ace, IMMUNOGLOBULINS, Hepatitis, thyroid, liver, etc. It’s not lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, vasculitis or scabies.

Julia Fontera Looks like hives to me

Linda Campbell Have they looked into keratosis pilitis. My son has it and it looks like this, inherited disorder and comes and goes, affected by heat ect. It feels like goosebumps under the skin. Gp treated as form of eczema till we saw a dermatologist who diagnosed it . Most likely just a form of hives but worth checking out x

Yolanda Q Metcalf Our skin go threww so much. This is how i look rite now . Wish I had the power to heal us all!

Bindi Arran They don’t look like the hives I get. I hope you get some relief, and answers, soon

Yolanda Q Metcalf I get hivs, lumps, rash it change

Lara Jayne Harris Exactly like mine I went to a skin specialist who tested me for food allergies and put me in s strict clean diet I have the odd flare here and there but it’s manageable and I have lost 34lb in 6 weeks

Mary Empie Evans God bless you all. It helps in some ways to know I’m not alone, but in other ways I’m more frustrated knowing more about what I’m in for (a long haul) and so sad to realize there are so many people out there that have been dealing with the same and even worse for longer than I have. I’ve only been dealing with it since March. Some time I’ll write more about my experience, but I have an appointment today and work this afternoon.

Julia Fontera Mine started in July i was very aggressive with docs wanted answers treatments. Good luck your not alone

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