Mostly just venting, stupid bloody hives and Sick of itching

These hives are driving me crazy. My doctor says a referral to an immunologist or allergist is a waste of time as, quote “hardly anyone ever finds out what’s causing them anyway”. I also have severe GI issues and have gone on a modified FODMAP diet. Mostly just venting, stupid bloody hives. Sick of itching!

I take 2x certrizine most days but it’s so expensive in Australia that I only take on days where there’s symptoms. The only other thing that helps is phenergan but that knocks me right out 😆😆

Mostly just venting, stupid bloody hives and Sick of itching


Jodi Lynn Donner Yep my Dr said the same exact thing to me that if she referred me to a rheumatologist they would laugh at my lab work.

Tara Gordon My rheumy diagnosed me with rhuematoid arthritis based on inflammation levels and presentation. Commenced plaquenil, a few months later rash begun. Went off plaquenil (and other meds) to eliminate possible causes. Because I wasn’t having a flare up the rheumy said oh obviously it’s not RA and then discharged me! You can’t bloody win with these doctors. Half the time you’re better off dr googling and diagnosing yourself 😂

Keith Dorman Tara Gordon Dr Dumbass will always let you down, Dr. Google on the other hand will never say “I ran out of ideas, you’ll just have to live it with”.

Erin Johnston A referral to an immunologist or dermatologist here in aus is actually helpful I would push your gp, they can offer other treatment options like xolair etc not sure what state your in but from what I have been told is only one hospital in VIC does xolair injections (royal Melbourne)

Tara Gordon I am in Western Australia, thanks Erin. Will bug doctor again. They just don’t seem to be taking it seriously

Sim Urivetzky Tell that doctor where to go. My Allergist saved my life with proper dosage of meds, then put me on xolair.

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