My 4 year old daughter currently suffering from acute Hives

My 4 year old daughter currently suffering from acute Hives/Urticaria for almost 10 days straight now. Her pedia gave her Prednisone and citirizine for 7 days, But her rashes still there. I brought her to pedia-derma last Dec.26 and gave her Triamcinolone lotion to be apply on her rashes and continue the citirizine for another 3 weeks. The pedia-derma said that if the rashes won’t disappear after 3 weeks, she needs to undergo laboratory test. According to the derma the appearance of Chronic Urticaria may be a symptoms of some illness or infection like parasites, thyroid problem and lupus.


Nikki Sherman My hives began and were at their worst when I had medicine induced lupus. I had very bad joint pain along with these strange skin rashes. Finally a dermatologist listened to me for 5 min and diagnosed me with out even testing me which they did confirm the same day with a high dsdna reading. Prayers for your little one:( I put this lotion in the refrigerator and use it often. It helps so much along with a cool compress

Jennifer Serrano Lyle Was she recently vaccinated?

Bebita Aiuqob Jennifer Serrano Lyle she was just vaccinated Anti-histamine for the temporarily relieved of itchiness. We still wait 3 weeks more for her lab test for more to find the real cause of her urticaria. Hoping and praying that its just source of some allergens.

Jennifer Serrano Lyle Vaccines are very taxing on the liver. I would consider a gentle detox and getting her gut healthy. Probiotics and milk thistle are a great start. Unfortunately prednisone is a bandaid that also affects the liver. I hope you find answers and relief soon!

Bebita Aiuqob Jennifer Serrano Lyle we stop giving her Prednisone mommy.

Jaya Phillips Bebita Aiuqob I think Jennifer was wondering if she was recently vaccinated before the hives started. If so then look up vaccine detox safe for children and consider not vaccinating anymore as she has a hard time detoxing. Might have MTHFR gene mutations.

Tibby Hollingsworth Give her Quercitin and Bromelain

Amanda Landon my 4 year old son had hives for 5 months. the dermotologist kept prescribing more meds. the allergist was our saving grace. went through a million tests and found out hes not allergic to anything. my son broke his collar bone and the hives went away the next day. the allergist believes that the trauma caused them to disappear. they’ve been gone for 3 months now. I hope your daughter doesn’t have to break a bone to get rid of her hives but…an allergist will help more than a dermotologist. good luck

Bebita Aiuqob Amanda Landon thanks for your comments mommy I try to look for allergist here in our country. Where in the Philippines. Need more prayers for my love one.

Amanda Landon Bebita Aiuqob I’m sorry! I truly understand, my son was miserable. his hives started with an ear infection that was missed by his pediatrician. the only thing that gave him relief was allegra in the morning and hydroxyzine before bed (it made him drowsy) I hope she gets rid of the hives soon

Rachel Conner My son has severe venom allergies to wasps, bees, and fire ants but tested negative to everything else. He wasn’t exposed to any of those things. When he got hives, they turned into anaphylaxis within a few hours of starting. After ER and a lot of iv medications he was no longer having breathing difficulties but they were still there. Same thing happened 2 days in a row. The allergist did the panel for lupus and all other autoimmune disorders. All were negative. Their conclusion was what they called Viral Syndrome. Said an underlying infection caused the hives. 10 days later and lots of meds they went away. He was also taking a pepcid each day in addition to steroids and antihistamines. I kept him comfortable with straight aloe vera and keeping him cool. Hope your baby gets some relief soon!

Darrah Garcia Adamcik Another thing that might help, is making nettle sting tea for your kid to sip on. I’m not sure how much a child can have so definitely check amount with a pediatrician . As an adult it works for me and I can sip on it throughout the day and keeps the hives at bay.

Christy Garris Patterson The two major flares that I have had this year looks a lot like these. I had a biopsy and was diagnosed with urticaria vasculitis no systemic meaning no autoimmune disease. My dermatologist feels like strep throat caused the breakout. I still have to be careful with sugar intake and stress. Prednisone taper was the only effective drug. I hope your child gets better soon!

Divine Collantes Bebita, I had this for a month and during those period its so itchy to a point I cant sleep and it spread like a wildfire from head to toe. I went to my Derma in Medical City – Dra. Policarpio. There is a also an allergist there, you could also go to VRP – that’s where my allergist is. My hives are gone after a month, seek advised from Allergist turns out I’m allergic to inhalants. Though they come at times, Cetirizine works for me.
I gone thru phototherapy, I think it helped.

Bebita Aiuqob Divine Collantes Thanks po sa recommendation.

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