My 5 year old has been suffering now since December 2015.

My 5 year old has been suffering now since December 2015. We haven’t had a days break and currently on Cyclosporine, chlorophenamine, ceterizine, ranitidine, montelukast, fenofexadine and Melatonin. She hardly sleeps, itches all day until she bleeds and her attendance for school is so poor! We are under St Thomas’ hospital but unfortunately nothing really seems to work for her ☹️


APRILE WOOLCOCK Omg!!!! Poor baby I feel so sad for her I ll keep her in my prayers. Hope she gets relief soon

KATHRYN SHAW Ohhhh baby girl. Beautiful girl. My heart breaks for her.

TRACY LOUISE DOWNER Please try quercetin from Holland and Barrett…. stops the mast cells from producing histamine xxx

KRISTIE JANE Have these worked for others? X

TRACY LOUISE DOWNER Kristie Jane I have auto immune urticaria and they work brilliantly. No hives at all. I also use simple micellar water shower gel as my skin is really dry. Then baby oil with aloe Vera. Others have found it helps immensely. I also find pineapple and grapes are a big trigger .

JANET ANDERSON FULLER OMG, so so sorry… Hope she gets better soon. She must be in miersy, I will keep a positive thought for her

HEATHER GODINEZ A vegan diet has helped me, dairy is a major trigger for my hives. My heart always breaks for the littles!!!

MEG MURILLO Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing little ones having to suffer with this too.

KEITH DORMAN Try Low Dose Naltrexone and or narrow band UVB treatment. Google the studies on each. Both options have low risk and can compliment the treatment she is already on.

SULTAN GANGULIAN ALIKHAN Take her to India because this is the only place where you can cure this little girl
Look at me I am hives free for several months after a beautiful diet and medicines

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