My 7 year old son has been experiencing hives for over a year now

My 7 year old son has been experiencing hives

My 7 year old son has been experiencing hives for over a year now. Had bloodwork done and everything came back fine. He takes on average 2-3 different antihistamines twice a day to keep them at bay, but sometimes they come back anyway . The first time he got them , even close to an adult dose of prednisone didn’t even work! It’s nice to see that we aren’t alone in this journey. Here some samples of what we have been going through the last 16 months .


JAIME LAMBDIN DONNER That poor boy. My daughter is the same age and has about the same severity. She is on four meds a day. Most of the time it works but occasionally she will have break through hives and have to up her dose.

KIM KING It’s so nice to see that we aren’t alone !

GEM EM Poor little man. It’s so uncomfortable and difficult to deal with as an adult. I hope so much they get it sorted for him

JANELLE HEALEY I totally feel for you, my 9 year old has graves disease and over past year we have had the utacaria battle, hes on high doses of antihistamine to keep it a bay, but just last night it was back. Hang in there, your not alone

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I hate seeing children with urticaria! It makes me feel guilty for complaining. My only advice is to keep an antihistamine in his system every 4-6 hours (I also mix them up because they are different). I still have hives daily but they don’t welt if I keep medicated.

SANDREW RUMSEY Hi Kim please try natural remedies my 3 year old had it for the first time late October and it was just as bad it affected her right leg and before that she loved running after the hives she was less active but improving . I’m wishing she can heal coz of her age . please use less chemical meds instead natural foods he could also heal

ISABELLA BRODERICK Poor baby! I can’t imagine a child going through this horrible condition. God bless him. Prayers


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