My 8 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Urticaria

My 8 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Urticaria. The doctor referred her to an allergist because it’s been over 2 months and she has taken Zyrtec, Xyzal, Benadryl and Prednisone.

The only relief that she has had is a few days when she was on a taper of Prednisone. She continued with Hives and rashes before the last two doses. I hope that she can get some relief soon with Hydroxyzine. So far she has had some break outs on it because I cannot give her the required dose due to it being a sedative and her having to go to school.


Jeni Lyman Did she have a virus right before this started ?

Ingrid Hernandez Jeni Marie yes

Jeni Lyman Ingrid Hernandez that same thing happened with my daughter. So sorry. We have been going through this all too.

Ingrid Hernandez Jeni Marie I feel for her. My daughter has been getting so stressed out and was crying about it a couple of days ago. Jeni Marie for how long?

Jeni Lyman Ingrid Hernandez that’s so sad,my daughter has her moments like that as well. Have you tested her for autoimmune cause of urticaria ? My daughter tested positive for that so we have now been able to start cyclosporine and Xolair and noticing it staying down since we started mainly the cyclosporine . She’s only done one Xolair injection. We do the second in a week.

Hana Louise Burton If you can get your hands one some eurax cream it does wonders to help the itch and calms the rash a little 

Ingrid Hernandez Hana Louise Burton thank you! Will do! where can I get it?

Hana Louise Burton Ingrid Hernandez just seen your in the us.. erm pop it in Google, a pharmacy or local Walmart may have some to huni

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