My body decided do not wearing bras anymore for hives

So my body’s decided it doesn’t like wearing bras anymore. I didn’t used to get pressure hives, just plain old idiopathic, but now my body’s decided to do a new fun convenient thing that makes my life easier! Thanks body!


Nicole Pisc Yea they are super annoying

Teresa Slaven Get them to

JR Ehrenberg-Tory Maybe a latex allergy. You can find latex free bras online. 

Amanda Louder JR Ehrenberg-Tory unfortunately it was a latex free bra 

JR Ehrenberg-Tory Amanda Louder I wonder what they used instead of latex? Have you had chemical patch testing done to determine allergy to chemicals?

JR Ehrenberg-Tory Amanda Louder I know that hives can also appear with pressure. I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with Chronic hives but I suspect my silicone breast implants are contributing to my elevated inflammatory mediators. But I’m also allergic to several chemicals based on chemical patch testing.

Amanda Louder Nicole Pisc Teresa Slaven Bella Donna Tordecillas not that I’m happy y’all are suffering, but it is nice to know that I’m not the only one out here that’s getting hivey for some unknown reason. It’s a weird thing I had never even heard of before it started for me, and you guys know how consuming it is. Fucking. Hives. Wtf.

Bella Donna Tordecillas it’s frustrating! Every time I removed my bra and underwear or my pants, socks, even my dress or jacket I will always go crazy with the pressure hives! It will be itchy for a few hours then it’s like magic, it’s gone as if nothing happened.

Amanda Louder Bella Donna Tordecillas oh good! These are my first pressure ones so I didn’t know how long they would last. I know everyone’s different but that gives me hope

Bella Donna Tordecillas Amanda Louder let’s hope for the best!

Teresa Slaven Bella Donna Tordecillas same here 

Sharon Arceneaux I was getting them well before I learned they were pressure related. I mean really? And I need all the support in the world! Ugh

Amanda Louder Sharon Arceneaux I KNOW. I’ve got saggy boobs! I am not the kind of person who can go without a bra and it’s any kind of acceptable!

Suzanne Motheral Me too. I’ve always gotten pressure related ones, it just got worse in the past year and a half. I switched to wireless organic cotton bras, and sized up on the band.
I also get heat related hives, so the material can’t be padded or too thick.
I get them from anything really, like the waist band of a slip or pants, underwear, the tops of socks.

Jenna Jean I buy bralettes with really thick bands to try and relieve the pressure points.
I also buy socks that don’t have a tight band on top.
Found em all at Walmart.

Vicki Fielding Yes bralettes were the best thing ever

Jacque Line Sorry 😢 I have pressure along with idiopathic too!

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