My body is plastered in huge lump, I’m swollen, and very cold.

Hello. I woke up yesterday covered in these (still have them this morning)so I went to the doctors. I was yesterday told by my gp that I have urticaria. Never ever had anything like this before. My gallbladder was removed on 15th April and am wondering if there’s a link in any way. My body is plastered in huge lumps, I’m swollen, and very cold.


Sim Urivetzky Welcome to our world. This doesn’t go away but you should be able to get the hives under control with the help of doctors. The best advice would be for you to see an allergist/immunologist. Feel better!!

Theresa Lynn Burns I broke out in hives last year for about 5 weeks. Used benadryl which took them away. My dr said I had acute urticaria. They have not come back thankfully.

Michelle Margetts-Lourens Theresa Lynn Burns oh heavens above there’s hope then. Thank you

Theresa Lynn Burns Michelle Margetts-Lourens it freaked me out! I have no idea what caused it. I had been suffering from anxiety so maybe that was the cause. My dr said most of the time they do not find the cause for acute urticaria. The benadryl and a cool shower took it away but it hung on for a little bit. It was so annoying

Michelle Margetts-Lourens It’s really bad today and doc told me to just take antihistamines. Guess I need to push to be referred then

Michelle Louvaine Hedley Interesting! I had an operation in March and one week later I had hives all over me and they were spreading like wild fire. I took certirizine 10mg once in the morning and once in the evening plus 300mg of ranitidine once a day. That was the only thing that worked. My GP gave me fexofenadine and it didn’t touch me. My dermatologist recommended the above and it worked a treat. They were on my head everywhere but not my face oddly enough. Could barely walk on my feet as they were so painful. I’m now 5 weeks down the line and they’ve almost gone. I’m left with Dermatographia.
My dermatologist feels that mine were as a response to the operation. Like you I was also a bit stressed around that time. I’m in the UK.

Christine Mellish My hives also coincided with my gallbladder being removed after an attack and then an ERCP 5 days later to remove stones stuck in my bile duct. That was 6 months ago and I’m still trying to find a doctor who believes they are connected to hives and will investigate instead of just telling me to take zyrtec and zantac and xolair and deal with it.

Michelle Margetts-Lourens Christine Mellish I hear you. I think it’s a reaction to surgery

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