hi My body started to itch like crazy all over. This is like urticaria on steroids!

My body started to itch like crazy all over. This is like urticaria on steroids!

Zyrtec nightmare…help!

I suffered with a terrible heartburn daily for a month (the one where you think you have a heart attack) and only two days ago it occurred to me that it may have been caused by Cetirizine (Zyrtec) as a “rare” side effect. I stopped Zyrtec and literally the reflux is gone. GREAT!
Great… until my body started to itch like crazy all over. This is like urticaria on steroids! I am not even kidding!! It’s everywhere and won’t stop. Bad dreams and itching all night. I researched and realized that it’s a withdrawal symptom of quitting Zyrtec! Do you have any advise on how to come off this medicine safely?
I am thinking I could A) jump on Claritin or Allegra (but I am not sure if I would be eventually on the same boat). 😎 I could take ½ Zyrtec a few times per week to just tempered it off or C) I could try to bear this misery but I don’t know if I can take it already…
Edit: to add, I was also taking Pepcid. The Pepcid pill would help with the heartburn but only temporarily. I got fed up and I quit both… probably not the best idea!


Ross Anthony Brothers
Why doesn’t your doctor give you pepcid with it?

Ella Spadari Heath
Ross, I was also taking Pepcid. Pepcid would temporally reduce the heartburn but only for half day. It’s like a vicious cycle I guess.

Helen Fay
Try allegra and pepsid

Claudia Castro
You need to take pepcid with it

Ella Spadari Heath
I was also taking Pepcid. Pepcid would temporally reduce the heartburn but only for half day. So I quit both. What a mess!

Cara Maestri
Tagament 😉👍🏻

Cara Maestri
My allergist prescribed it!

Ella Spadari Heath
Thank you. I see my gastroenterologist tomorrow and I will mention it!

Kim Mac Donald Shepherd
There is a Withdrawal group on FB.

Ella Spadari Heath
Thank you… a Zyrtec Withdrawal group?

Ella Spadari Heath
Kim Unfortunately, the admin never accepted/answered to my request to join. Can I ask you the big favor to pm her/him? I really need help. Last night, it was pure agony with pins & needle itchiness and hives everywhere (that has to be withdrawal because my regular pressure hives were never that bad). I ended up taking Claritin at 4am (which helped!). I just want to make sure I don’t make things worse by adding Claritin to the mix.

Emily Robinson
Oh wow my girls have been on this a year now. So far they haven’t said anything about side effects. Hope u feel better soon.

Ella Spadari Heath
Emily, thankfully the stomach inflammation/gastritis is a rare side effect! Just make sure to prepare them well when they need to come off because the withdrawal symptoms are pretty insane.

Herb Kris Dula
I heard some people who have done a slow taper down of it

Jolene Goetz
I’ve been trying to kick Zyrtec for over a month, but I haven’t found anything else to control my chronic hives. And then if I try to go off of it I itch and get hives too. It’s like a lose lose situation. I have been told xyzal is good for hives, it helps some for me, I try to use it in between using a lower amount of Zyrtec to control the itching/hives. It might help you taper off too.

Ella Spadari Heath
Thank you, Jolene! I hope we find the right ‘formula’… right now the line between hives and withdrawal itch is very blurry! I am drinking lots of water today. I am not sure if it will make any difference.

Brittney Anne Simpson
Oh wow this makes so much sense! Explains why if I run out why I am even more itchy than normal! Lord knows that we don’t need anything to add to the problem!!!!

Ella Spadari Heath
it’s a mess!! lol

Elizabeth Mullins
This explains why I get a major headache after taking Zyrtec for a few days and then stopping it. Sorry you’re going through that.
Xyzal doesn’t do that to me.
Have you tried hydroxyzine?

Ella Spadari Heath
Yes, I also head a bad headache last night! I will look into it!

Rebecca Ibrom
I had the most painful reflux before I stated certirizine, so can’t blame that. Plus had times when my reflux was gone.
Yesterday I was so bad that stated doing more research and found magnesium to be helpful. Took one tablet about 2pm and it totally changed my reflux within half an hour. I had a big flush out and hives started to fade away. Could just be a one off but I’m going to make sure I take every morning and take with other supplements which work well together such as Vit D3 and collagen. But not Vit C so I’ll take that later in the day.
Maybe you could change to fexofenadine instead too.

Ella Spadari Heath
I also ordered some Magnesium! Thank you!

Barbara Hanna
Try Loratidine

Ella Spadari Heath

Yes, that’s my plan B if I cant deal with the itching tomorrow. I read that day3 is usually the worst.

Ella Spadari Heath
Barbara thank you for suggesting this. I ended up taking Loratadine in the middle of the night and it really helped with the insane itchiness. I hope I can stay on Loratadine while I wean myself from Zyrtec.

Ella Spadari Heath
Thank you, Barbara! I will try to get it through my doctor

Laurie Newman
Everyone’s body is so different I was fine with Zyrtec but Benadryl gave me super bad heartburn so it’s just weird how everybody reacts so differently to all the different medications


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