My chronic urticaria stuff started

Not a 100 happy days pic. But my daughter has a spider bite and was seen today. Hasn’t been seen since all of my chronic urticaria stuff started (i work at her pediatrician’s office, so they know all too well what I’m going through).

Revisiting her allergies-she had an oral allergy to shrimp before at 1.5 years old (she’ll be 4 in two days) they thought it best she have one of these. Dammit. Never even crossed my mind she’d need to have this with her. Makes me sad.


Allie Clark  Honestly, I’m a nurse and I have personally had things like that that have not cross my mind. It happens to the best of us so don’t be hard on yourself. I have some sort of insect allergy as well as urticaria, so I need to carry an epipen, but too often it expires and I wait WAY too long to get it refilled!

Jacqui Netherton Thanks Allie. I’m a CMA/CNA for the past 5+ years. And have been in the medical field for the past 13 years in different capacities. Thanks for the supportive words.

Allie Clark It’s good it was brought up and better late than never I always say!! 

Kirsty Waight Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. There were a couple of awful stories in the UK news not so long ago of a chap, and of a young girl, who knew they had a serious nut allergy, but didn’t carry a pen. Both of them suffered the direst consequences. I carry TWO epi pens!

Deborah Schneierson I’m so sorry that your daughter was bitten.How is she? Sorry about the Epi-Pens as well.but as Kirsty said, better to have it and not need it than the other way around.which reminds me,I have a script to fill .thanks

Jacqui Netherton She’s better. Not complaining of pain so much anymore. Just excited for her birthday tomorrow. And yes, better to have it and not need it!

Jacqui Netherton Thanks for asking Deborah

Deborah Schneierson Jacqui-I’m glad she’s better

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