My daily regiment to 2 more supplements

2 more supplements to my daily regiment. My Naturopath had them listed under increased histamine metabolism- reduce antihistamines as able. pantothenic acid 1 cap 2-3 times a day for more efficient histamine clearance.
I have been doin 2 but might add 3rd today since still having a few breakthrough. NAC 1 capsule once per day with food.


Amy Glassow Thanks for sharing… I’ve been wondering what supplements might help do this.

Beth Carrier Fye Amy Glassow I’ve been sharing all week. Search for my other posts. I left the Naturopath on the 4th with a bag full. I was on my 5th day of Prednisone 60mg from a flare. I was able to taper quicker than normal. And while having a few breakthrough hives, it is liveable. Also taking 4 Fexofenadine and 2 Raniditine daily.

Amy Glassow Beth Carrier Fye Yes I’ve been seeing them! It’s wonderful that you’re sharing.

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