My daughter is allergic to gold

15 doctors and 4 years later..they have finally determined my daughter is allergic to gold. And her bonded retainer was made with gold. I suggest to all to make sure you have patch testing done. This is the only way we have solved this nightmare. Not one med helped. We did find out that nebulizer albuteral treatments was the only thing to take down swelling until it was removed yesterday. We continue to be cautious as it will take a few weeks to get out of her system. They said this is very rare. Lucky a new doc and a dermatologist figured this out! We will wait and see!


Mari Gee That’s great news

Olivia Parkhurst I”m going to be pursuing this lead. Thank you for posting.

Ashlea Willms I hope this takes care of the urticaria and swelling! I also have a bonded retainer. I’m going to be looking into this. Oh and hello to a fellow Wisconsinite! We lived in Racine for 18 months, but we moved back to the La Crosse area last summer.

Ann Betker Widmar Dr Ganz and Dr Lynott in Racine figured it out together! Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee was stumped and told us to move somewhere colder and it must be psyco sematic

Ann Betker Widmar Doctor said he only ever had one other patient like her. He was a young African American musician that wore a gold “grill”. the man had terrible joint pain and it attacked his fingernails.

Maggie Maye WOW! I am so happy for you guys!!!

Ann Betker Widmar We are still guarded but she broke down bawling in relief. I cannot thank this support group enough. No one knows what this is really like unless you live it. We were so devasted last month and turned to FB for help. Everyone keep sharing and supporting!

Anita Berg Oh I so hope this is the answer!! What happy news!

Ann Betker Widmar No. And they said gold is stange and would build up over time. I need look exact dates . She has had it in at least 4 years w symptoms worse year after year.

Maureen A Flaherty SO incredibly happy for her!!!!! What relief I can not imagine. Praying she will improve quickly hope others will be helped by this love this group so much. Lifesavers!!! By the way your daughter is truly “beautiful”. Now she can lead a normal life, one that she deserves to have! Congrats!

Ann Betker Widmar Her nervous system was being attacked. I know this. All docs just say anxiety of attacks. I know they are wrong. But as we know here, because this is rare, they dont really know. Even now the docs say no idea why nebulizer treatments brought down swelling

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