My daughter is very allergic to nuts

I took my daughter for ice cream. The order prior to hers was “with nuts.” The employee did not rinse off the ice cream scoop and nuts got in my daughter’s ice cream. My daughter is very allergic to nuts. An ambulance had to be called to transport her to a local hospital. The Emergency Medical Services staff was very nice and professional


Mary Ann DeGlopper Quiroz Wow that is so scary

Laura Bellis So sorry to see, hope she’s feeling better. My son has several severe allergies as well. I know of someone who recently went anaphylactic from a beer at a pub! 

Cate Ekvesse Hokte Laura Bellis Thank you!!! Oh, my goodness…beer!!

Laura Bellis Dimetrios Nicole Cateekvessehokte yeah crazy hey?! Said nothing about peanuts in the name at the pubs menu and she had to be rushed to hospital

Alette Dielle Delancy OMG! I wish people (especially those who work with food) took allergies more seriously! I hope she’s okay and feeling better soon!

Cate Ekvesse Hokte Alette Dielle Delancy Thank you!!! ((((Hugs))))

Alette Dielle Delancy One time I ordered a burger from Harvey’s that they put cheese on. I said no cheese specifically. They apparently misheard me. When I pointed it out, they just peeled it off. That was it. I spent that afternoon in the bathroom sick.

Moon de Heer Good luck , i’m in hospital now they found another auto imune disease next to my hives with angio oedema and pernicious anemia , today i’m going to find out wich flavour it is

Cate Ekvesse Hokte Moon de Heer ((((Hugs)))) Thank you. I’m up to 5 autoimmune diseases and one rare genetic disease.

Moon de Heer Dimetrios Nicole Cateekvessehokte , well so somthing like collect them all it could even prove to be more than one

Lindsay Danjean I just got diagnosed with my third auto immune disease 

Beth Carrier Fye I never let my son have scooped ice cream because of that. We have Cold Stone Creameries here and they have very strict area and policies, he goes there now as an adult.

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