My ears are itchy and Inflamed

I have had episodes of hives very spaced out since I was about 10 (so a history, but very episodic – every 7-10 years, and they have always resolved within a few months).
In February- I had a reaction to conditioner (I think?) my entire scalp became lumpy, swollen, inflamed, itchy and burning. It seemed to resolve although I’ve had a few bad episodes like that when I’ve tried different shampoos or conditioners.
In between, I’ve been okay, or just had a few lumps on the base of my scalp that are itchy, but resolve.
I seem to get flare ups now when I have a virus, or possibly with my period
But now – over the past week (and I have my period and a sore throat – so virus I’m assuming) I have a few hives here and there. my hip, my leg, my hands / wrists and my face. My ears are itchy and Inflamed.
Not sure what to ask the doctor when I see him tomorrow! I’m sure he will send me for bloodwork? I’m 47, prediabetic and worried that my rash is spreading.
any insight is appreciated!


Deanna Casamatta Watts Check for strep

Nicole Carrie Deanna Casamatta Watts can you have strep and not feel like you do ?

Deanna Casamatta Watts Carrie Nicole yes .. you mentioned a sore throat?

Nicole Carrie Deanna Casamatta Watts not me . I don’t have a sore throat . But I did 2 months before getting hives 5 months ago

Deanna Casamatta Watts Carrie Nicole I did too!! I had strep twice then hives right after!! I’m convinced it’s from strep..

Tammy Thomas Suire I was exactly the same way. They come and go. On,y lasting about two months. With remissions Lasting about 5 to 7 yrs. that went on til my middle 50 s. Started in my 20s. Now it has progressed and does not go away at all. Manageable but no remission in sight. 9 yrs now!

Coreen VanEs Ruck Tammy Thomas Suire 😟 glad it’s manageable for you though

Lisa Perkins I had the same reaction to conditioner and bouts of hives. I am 47. I had to work in reducing my estrogen dominance and not eating high histamine foods for a while. Also had to take 4 claritins a day for months and then wean off. Since then, they haven’t come back.

Lisa Perkins Also tried to cut down on inflammation – stress, processed foods.

Coreen VanEs Ruck Lisa Perkins thanks Lisa, I’ll look into the histamines in my food!
The ones I get on my head are like hard lumps or nodes- is this the norm for hives on and around the scalp? So I saw the doctor – he just referred me to an allergist and told me to take reactin on a daily basis. No strep. Didn’t expect anything groundbreaking

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