My entire right hand blew up like a balloon

My entire right hand blew up like a balloon. I can’t close my fist or grasp anything without my skin stretching painfully. As soon as I think I’ve figure out my triggers, something else causes a reaction. Doctors have told me to stay away from salt, but I don’t think it’s the issue. It seems to happen more often and longer lasting than before, as I’ve been suffering with this since 2 year.
Allergy testing is too expensive, and even then my doctor told me that it may be inconclusive. Any ideas to find out what is causing this? My labs have always come back normal. Getting very frustrated!


Alison Canney Stress ? This happens me reguarly but always when under pressure . Painful joints ?

Cristine Kreplick Sounds like what I get with my CIU. Angioedema . Angioedema yes 👎 got it / have it / hate it / live it .Try a soak in cold water or hold an ice pack… Might relieve a bit of the pressure so you can use your hand.  
Yup, I love my ice packs when it happens, be sure to put in a pillow case or with a thin towel, not directly on your skin. Elevation helps as well. I’d take off jewelry just to be careful. Mine goes away within a day or so.. HATE this disease.

Aimee Beth Me too. Thanks ladies. I’ll try the ice packs. And no painful joints, but my skin burns and I get shooting pains in my hand.

Rosalyn A Jarrett-Davis It’s angioedma, I always knew hives more swelling was coming when my hand did that

Aimee Beth My entire right arm has swollen up since this pic

Ana Garcia Oh no! Sending prayers

Sue Elshire Hargrave Unfortunately, this is part of what occurs with CU. It’s not a bit fun. I hope the swelling goes down soon. I’m so sorry!

Amy Humphries Ouch! Feel for you, my hands do that and when they both do its can’t get a whole lot done! Hope you feel relief soon x

Cammie Wendling Would like to have a few ppl of this group do video chat with my current allergist, this is exactly what happens to me and he said it is not angiodema! He said I have other health issues! It’s angiodema! Power in numbers!!! Aimee, I’m sorry this can be so frustrating! Mine burn also, I don’t put my ice pack in freezer, I have them in the refrigerator..

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