My face covered in hives

I just wanted to check I can with an update. Previously my face was covered in hives. All day. Every day. I chose to do a seven day juice fast with just vegetable juice. Since then I have been doing intermittent fasting. My window eating is between 3 p.m. And about 6 p.m. The rest of the time my liver is resting and detoxifying. I’m also taking milk thistle morning and night to assist the liver. My hives have greatly diminished. Topically I am using emu oil. This is me now that’s just a little bit of makeup. It is a drastic improvement. I will put the earlier picture in the comments.


Autumn Lee SO sorry Teri.Please let me know I can help

Allison Ward My son also only gets them on his face. Glad uve got some relief! X

Autumn Lee I hope things get Better!

Connie Vasoll McCain Thank you for sharing what has worked for you! You look great!

JohnsCindi Fagan Fantastic!!

Rhoda Young What a difference .brilliant

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