my first reaction was to see an allergist as well as a rheumatologist and immunologist.

Hi there, thanks for the add! I never thought to look up a group like this until recently but I am so happy I did! It’s been very interesting to read through some posts and hear peoples stories, what works for them, etc I wanted to introduce myself and share my story.

My name is Victoria, I am 22 years old and I first had hives in 2011 for a full year, they were on and off for awhile but returned this past April 2017 in full force. I’ve experienced many symptoms; every type of hive I can imagine, burning hot skin, lip, eye lid, hand and feet swelling, etc.

In 2011 my first reaction was to see an allergist as well as a rheumatologist and immunologist who prescribed me many medications I’ve read that many of you are currently trying, and although they worked it would only be for a short time and then my doctor would increase the dose. My hives were getting worse and I was getting uncomfortable being reliant on so many medications at age 16 (over 20 a day to be exact), so we turned to a naturopathic doctor.

I have had the most success with this. I greatly reduced my hives by avoiding gluten and dairy and taking natural supplements such as quercertin during flareups although it is a band aid and not a cure. Recently we are suspicious that sugar is making me breakout. My hives and swelling are the worst at night and in the morning. I find that baking soda mixed with water and applied to my skin is my saving grace when I am uncontrollably itchy, and cold showers relieve my burning skin.

My biggest pieces of advice would be one; don’t give up and keep an open mind! It can be incredibly frustrating going through trial and error figuring out what does and does not work for you. Secondly, definitely document all the symptoms you experience with pictures. In my experience I have had every doctor tell me it is very helpful to see all the hives I have experienced, you can only describe hives so much but pictures tell the real story!

I would love to hear some input on people who have had candida, as well as what helped people keep hives under control for extended periods of time and methods for short term relief. I am still trying to avoid prescriptions as much as I can 🙂 Sorry for the long post, thanks again!


MAUREEN DAVIDSON Hi victoria glad you have joined x

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Welcome to the group! Thank you for sharing!

NICOLE TRAVERSO SANTOS Welcome to the grp sweet =) … I ve learnt loads since joining … i wish id have looked it up sooner too =)

PENELOPE VOLLING I’m almost afraid of changing or ” diet changing” what I eat. I don’t eat much dairy anyway and I think I tend to stay away from the” triggers”…but ugh..I find hot showers help me. My body is intolerant of being cold for too long. Especially air conditioning…

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