My hands are so itchy, sore and literally on fire

So this morning I woke up with a few hive spots on my palms. Decided to cut the grass after work and the last 2 pics are my pay back!!! My hands are so itchy, sore and literally on fire. All I want to do is hold ice packs


Ina Wood Oh man those are the worse pain!!

Craig Mcclelland Same here. Hands r the worst especially when your a gardener lol. Try aloe Vera and fenofexaline helps a bit

Taylor Stelly Plemer Ouch! Cold pack and Benadryl creammmmm!!!

Liz King I don’t dare wear my rings any more, I’m so scared to have to cut them off and it gets so painful waiting for it to subside

Nicola Hubball I know I took one of them off as my finger was so swollen

Marlena DeMeo Leung I feel your pain I just went through 3 days of that, try Icy Hot cream it helped me!

Olesea Popa Agree, hands are the worse, and mines are so itchy

Georgette Morgan Koelker I don’t do any gardening any more; I break out no matter how careful I am

Janice McClurg So me sorry.

Patricia Primm Calamine spray

Fionnuala Sharvin Just wondering is this from the grass, or is it pressure urticaria from holding/pushing a lawnmower? It reminds me of how my hands go.

Olesea Popa I think is pressure urticaria, cuz I don’t do gardening at all

Nicola Hubball It’s pressure Urticaria. Just started to ease off now

Deanna Stewart Every time I mowed it done the same thing. Even when I got out in the sun!

Cat Burton-Rayer Oh you poor thing. I get a hive on my hand as well. If I carry anything too heavy I break out. Got a hive on my cheek/jaw line for the last two days, itchy!

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