My hives are always the worst at night.

My hives are always the worst at night… they’ve been progressing badly today, which sucks cuz I just got my Xolair injections yesterday. This is my shoulder and my knee, most of them have turned into angioedema already, my shoulder and thighs are the only ones that are still blotchy. 😭😭😭 my hands and feet hurt so bad!



MYRA M BUCKLEY Hope you feel better. How many xolair shots have you received? I broke out like that after my 1st Xolair but now after my 3rd I am just having very small red spots some mornings.

JESSIE SIMS I’ve been getting Xolair for years lol

JENNIFER QUINN I’m so sorry. That sucks.

ANNA SAM RIVERA Gold bond cooling lotion in the green bottle used to help me

MARY DEAN Big hug. Remember even though you have gotten your Xolair shot, do not stop the other drugs you were taking, any antihistamines or steroids.

JESSIE SIMS I don’t take other drugs. I’ve been off of the allergy meds for years. I was just putting more chemicals in my body that were useless. None of the allergy meds ever helped. I also don’t do steroids unless I have no choice because when I do, I always get a sinus infection or any other illness that turns into bronchitis and pneumonia because I can’t fight off the illnesses. I only get the Xolair and I take Metformin for my diabetes.

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