My hives are back please help me

Well I am going to try and take things into my own hands since my Endo just blew me off he took me off armer and put me on levo a few months ago and now my hives are back.

I asked to switch back and he said no and my immunologest/allergist just wants to “band aid” it with steroids, today I am not going to take my thyroid meds and see how my hives go then go from there have to find something was on steroids for two year and just got off in September besides the 35 pound weight gain I also got a cataract in one eye which my eye doctor said has to be from the steroid use ugh the struggle we all go threw it’s like water torture.


Cammie Louise I take cytomel and np thyroid. I won’t touch synthesis or Levo ever again. That said, I got hives when I was already on those meds so I don’t think it’s thyroid related.

Roanna Tomlinson Keep us updated please. I’m also on levothyroxine. I’ve been curious if it might be the blue dye. Sometimes I’ve had a paler blue because they switch the brand. That could account for the times I’m free of hives.

Julie Wiedemann-Ball Roanna Tomlinson so far I am better I will keep you posted.

Roanna Tomlinson I called my pharmacy and checked the dates we changes brands (variations in color) but it didn’t line up with hives.

Linda Frigo McDaris Have you tried Xolair injections? You and your doctor have to push your insurance company for it. I also take xyzal and zantac daily. If I due get a hive or two I up the xyzal to 2 aday. Good luck. I have been on Xyzal for almost a year with no side effects. I’ve tried so many antihistimes over the years that none of them seemed to do a thing. Xyzal is fairly new over the counter antihistamine. I got my allergist to write a prescription and it’s cheap using my insurance.

Julie Wiedemann-Ball Linda Frigo McDaris yes I did for one year and didn’t do much for me except now I will all the sudden feel my throat closing up!

Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz Try a custom dosing pharmacy for your thyroid meds.. they make a difference

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