My hives are completely gone

I’ve tried slow juicing 16oz of pure Celery Juice (do not add other fruits) for the last 7 days, my hives are completely gone! Great bowel movement, inflammation, bloating all gone.
Suffered from hives since July EVERYDAY (3 months). What a relief, hope if works for you.
PS : I also need to mention that I cut off sugar & carbs, so I think it’s a combo of things
Juice and drink it “first thing in the morning” on empty stomach. Thereafter you can ”eat as per normal” but you’ll find that it fills you up nicely. So you’ll get hungry only later in the afternoon


Sally Hill Yes, worked for me, but I cant do the straight up celery! 🤮 I juice the celery/green apple/cucumber/kale/lemon/ginger.
We are the lucky ones! And I suffered a year

Ai-Ling Wong Sally Hill good for you/us! I’ll drink anything if it’s something that will help rid of this #+%* hives lol .. And I tried it all, every rx, otc combo, supplement, all of it, and this is what works for me too

Ai-Ling Wong Sally Hill mine was God sent! I was in the supermarket pushing my cart 🛒. As there was a huge cart-traffic blocking my way, I then u-turned and immediately bumped into an old old friend. We started chatting and I mentioned my woe. Being a nutritionist fanatic, she nonchalantly said, “you have lots of parasites 🦠 in your gut, just drink 16oz of celery for a month. And guess which aisle we were standing at…the bunch of organic celery was right next to me! There is a God! Bless us all!

Ai-Ling Wong Sally Hill I’m an anti histamine expert now and have all the brands in my medicine cabinet! So glad I stopped taking it

Sally Hill Ai-Ling Wong yes! Im off all meds too, thanks to juicing! This is me this am, that’s my little guy in the background waiting on his too (he started showing signs and I got him on the juice and within 3 days, all clear) blessed!

Sally Hill My hubs sent this to me (of my little guy) while I was traveling for work, and I texted back immediately – get him on juice!

hives gone

Ai-Ling Wong Sally Hill omg 😲. Wonder what triggered. Is your hubby an EO member by any chance?

Sally Hill Ai-Ling Wong no, but you and I have a mutual friend in D, we’re practically < 7 degree lol

Ai-Ling Wong Sally Hill Jess is a ball of fire, she’s never stops!

Sally Hill  yes! Lol and lovely to boot I dont know what triggered his, i took him to my Alergist, for all the baseline tests, all negative, but as you know with this, there is no rhyme/reason, sometimes its just hereditary (I recently found out my mom had this in her past too), we’re all the lucky one’s that can heal this through changing our life style.

Anmaria Djong So glad to see this post. Give me so much hope for my daughter. I am still searching what juicer to buy. How long have you juice to see the result? Must you drink on empty stomach in the morning? My 9 yr old definitely need apple to sweeten the juice a bit.

Ai-Ling Wong Anmaria Djong you need a slow juicer so it won’t heat up the juice. I use Hurom, but Kurvings is good too…
Other info pls read above…all the best!

Anmaria Djong Ai-Ling Wong thank you so much. Did ur son take full 16 onz as well early in the morning? I don’t know how to get my 9 yrs old to drink pure celery juice early in the morning.

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