My hives are everyday & bother me most at night

I know this may sound absolutely INSANE, but about 3 days ago, my mom & I went and got massages, courtesy of my dad for Christmas! But anyway, ever since the massage, I haven’t had one hive. Not a single itch since!!! Normally, my hives are everyday & bother me most at night & right when I wake up. I take 1 Allegra every day. I am still taking the Allegra just in case until I get in with my doctor, but this is just so crazy to me!!! Hive free because of a massage?!?!


Cece DeSimone Yes stress can be a huge factor! So glad you found relief

Joyce Calderone I’ve had a massage periodically since my hives began in June. The past 4 times my back started burning and itching like crazy. We tried different lotions and oils but that didn’t help. I have to take a shower and scrub my back with soap 2 or 3 times to get all of the oil off.

Theresa Lynn Burns I believe i broke out in hives for a few months from stress…maybe u were stressed and the massaged relaxed u and the hives disappeared?

Julie Hubbard Navratil That’s awesome! A detox of sorts? I’ve been having very mild hive days and some days I’m hive free, so I thought I would treat myself last month. They were popping out within the first few minutes.

Michelle Wood What did they massage u with. Must have been an oil. Find out. It may help in future x

Karen DelGuidice Awesome! Massage give me hives!!

Elise Rappoport I don’t think it’s insane. It probably relaxed you and took your body out of its constant fight or flight mode. Have you ever done yoga? I use it to help manage my hives. I started practicing again about 6 years ago and noticed my hives were always much better on a Wednesday morning after my Tuesday night class. I did some research about autoimmune disease and yoga and there was a lot of evidence of it helping immune spectrum diseases by bringing the central nervous system in to balance. It also helped my state of mind and gave me a shred of control back. I found seeing the chiropractor also helped me a lot.

Abby Hanson That’s awesome!! Enjoy it!!!

Seconcea Rae Maybe the massage had nothing to do with it and I’ve started remission, I’m not sure, I just hope they stay away

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