My hives are itchy and the skin break making small circles.

Hey friends. It seems to me that i don’t have the typical hives. And every week i see someone else posting a similar thought. Or commenting on my posts that their hives look like mine.

My hives are itchy and the skin break making small wheals (circles). Tend to be in patches. I know their are others like me. What do we think about trying to break out into our own group to compare notes. I know it’s not cut and dry exactly but still might help figure commonalities and what’s working.


Cammie Louise Some days mine are patches of huge wheals (today) and other days simple hives. No rhyme or reason when, why, where

Penny Arlene Once they form vesicles filled with leaking fluids they are no longer hives.. Probe deeper for cause and resolution

Marianne Grace Hart-Walton Penny Arlene sounds like what you’re describing is impetigo

Stephanie Vincent no leaking fluid or vesicle

Penny Arlene Marianne Grace Hart-Walton what she is describing.. In main post may start as hives but with her scratching she is dealing with a secondary condition

Lissa Bloom Wax Mine are sometime like this, sometimes more traditional bug bite looking hives. They are all just a huge annoying itchy pain. 😔

Brenda Kirby Stop scratching! Or u will have scares !

Cathy Lynn Spencer Looks like you might be scratching. Mine started out kind of like this. Small bite looking and around 6 weeks my lips tongue and gums swelled up and the bug bite hives changed to wheals moving one into another all over my body. Angioedema and hives.

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