My hives are mainly pressure hives.

Feeling so defeated and just want to cry

So my hives are mainly pressure hives… walking, leaning, holding, grabbing… even sitting… toilet time is real fun Had my first xolair shot on Monday and I wasn’t optimistic… didn’t want to get my hopes up and was sceptical ( unlike my family and friends… bless them )
Well besides a few random ones on my hands and head I’ve been pressure hive free for 3 days… I felt like my old self and started dreaming of having my old life back… being my old self… not this broken mess
And then the dreaded tingle and radiating heat and pain started
I know it’s early and can take months to see results but I just got so happy thinking it was all over and now I feel like I’m back in that dark place that has been my life for the last two years
Sorry for the vent but everyone here will get it… my family has been amazing throughout all this but they will never understand how soul crushing this truly is.. !


Meredith League Pretzie
I’m not on it but I think it’s way way too soon to be skeptical, most people here seem to take up to 6 or 7 shots to see real and lasting results. Not all but, the majority. So hang in there!

Pamela Gaudet
Most people can’t really understand it. So sorry they returned. My hives went away on Xolair but gradually some returning likely because of 2 broken arms. One day at a time. Lean on this group as I have. ♥️

Rhonda Heath-Cowan Riker
I followed it and cut out all drugs slowly, over the counter and prescription drugs and now knock on wood everything gone now for two years. I really watched the food list above and watched drinking alcohol. Please try it saved me, and they aren’t selling anything. Let me know if you do, curious if anyone else is trying it.

Mandy Curtis
Think I definitely over reacted lol Hives have been 98% better… only small patches or none… defs an improvement with pressure hives
So happy I could cry

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