My hives are nothing compared to how they used to be.

Hoping a cure is found in our lifetime

This past weekend was my 2 year hive-versary.
I’m beyond grateful my hives are nothing compared to how they used to be.
In spite of this crap condition, my husband and I are looking forward to having our first child this August.
Here’s hoping a cure is found in our lifetime.


Kelly Bina
Dis you notice a decrease in the hives after becoming pregnant?

Yasmine Duran
Kelly Bina Nope. My hives were worse when pregnant and I still bad. I was pregnant during summer and had lots of heat strokes and break outs when sweating or cold it was awful. Lots of rushing to the ER. My worse break out was when I was pregnant, head to toe swollen

Margaret Crider
Kelly Bina I started cyclosporine last Jan and stayed on for 4 months. During that time, my hives went from a 7 to a 1. Then last August or so they started increasing and it was at that time I began folic acid in preparation for ttc. I took this for 3 months along with my daily Xyzal and ranitidine and my hives dropped back down to a 1. We got pregnant in Dec and since then I’ve had a few very minor, intermittent flares but I feel well-controlled.
I know some women go into complete remission during pregnancy and sometimes for years following, I’m not sure what to expect but just hoping whatever happens I can treat it and control it.

Kelly Bina
Margaret Crider we are wanting to try soon but i am terrified that my hives will be out of control. They arent very well managed now so in hoping I can get them managed before trying.
Congratulations to you!!

Margaret Crider
Kelly Bina it’s a tough decision for many reasons. I would talk to your immunologist about your intentions and see what s/he recommends for treatment therapy that would possibly help bring your hives down and then if necessary, modify your meds to class B’s once you get pregnant. Cyclosporine was a godsend for me and I would try it again if necessary.
My understanding is that pregnancy suppresses the immune system, this is why many women experience remission while their pregnant.
Whatever you do I wish you luck.

Kendra A Payne
Congrats!!! Getting pregnant was what threw my hives into a remission. 9 years without now! Hope you get the same luck!

Temeka Cherisse McCoy

Kim Musick Brock

Sarah Pinedo
Congratulations on your first child!!!💖 I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and hope the hormonal changes will be of help to you!😊

Alyssa Ussery
Congrats ! I’m expecting my first as well!


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