My hives came back after a year

I feel dizzy this past 3 weeks. Then I go to the doctor and she said, she dont know the cause of my dizziness. She gave me anti-vertigo meds and undergo CBC test and its all normal. And today I got this. Is it possible that my hives came back after a year? I suffer from this disease last year.


Maureen Davidson They say once you get it you always will have break outs not good thing to look forward to is it

Deidre Brown-Kennedy Yes, I’ve gone into remission 4 times now and it always comes back. Now you know that when the dizziness starts the hives are close behind. UGH.

Joseph Anthony Cesar Its already in my arms.. My hives came back.. I take cetirizine first

Deidre Brown-Kennedy Mine start with heartburn. That lasts for 2 months or so then the hives start. It’s fabulous.

Jennifer Leigh Johnson Yes, sadly.

Kristopher Benedict Gould That’s how mine starts as well, first I get dizzy for a while then it’s the heartburn and then the burning eyes

Olesea Popa Yeah, it comes back!!! The doctor said that any little shock/stress for the body it can trigger it again, even a little cold!!! I’m keeping the Histamine avoidance diet which currently helps me to be hives free. In March my doctor suggested Xolair or the diet, I chose to try the diet 1st plus taking antihistamines ( tapering them down)
Maybe not the case with you, but if u think u’ve had lately food high in histamines or liberators- that might cause it.
I hope is temporary for you, feel well

Evelyn Brethour It has to be heartbreaking. Try to relax, chances are it will get better real soon. I have never been as bad as I was, initially.

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