My hives have always been a little odd.

I am on for upper respiratory issues

My hives have always been a little odd. Never really had skin hives, but my poor tongue. After over a year of normal, I woke up like this today. They won’t go away despite Benadryl.
I’m wondering if it’s some antibiotics I’m on for upper respiratory issues or if my old hive friends are returning.


Sue Bellamy
Are the lesions sore? They look like ulcers rather than hives.

Mireille Godin
I have had that for years (and regular hives on my skin as well). About 3 months ago, I had bloodwork done for food allergies and was advised to cut out dairy completely. Since then, the geographic tongue hives have gone away. Sharing in case it could help you.

Justice Courtney
Mireille Godin thank you. I never considered dairy as an issue.

Roseanne Smith
My daughters have had something like that and doctors called it
geographic tongue. Hope this helps.

Leslie Hebner DeTalente

Dave Dev
Never on skin, only tongue?…. sure they are not cankers instead?

Justice Courtney

Dave Dev yep. Rarely on skin. The sores first then the lips and eyes swell.

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