My hives have been lately really bad

My hives have been lately really bad so I was taking the medication Montelukast 10mg each evening along with anti allergy tablets 4 times a day. But last night and the night before I forgot to take my antihistamine and today I’ve only taken 1 anti allergy (I will take another soon) but getting to the points my hives are not as bad as they were.. BUT last night I discovered this: (see my picture attached and it doesn’t look like hives. FYI..please excuse my hairs on my leg!! Also is it OK not to continue my antihistamine?


Sarah Stanger I don’t know what it is, but it looks like what I get on my legs, too! It’s super itchy and gets weepy like poison ivy. Does yours?

Sarah Stanger This is what’s left after a flare a few weeks ago

Renee Orton Crowel Sarah Stanger I get that on my legs too and never seems to fully heal

Sarah Stanger Renee Orton Crowel so frustrating! I wish I knew the cause!

Renee Orton Crowel Sarah Stanger me too it gets very itchy but doesn’t appear as hives. I put steroid cream on it and doesn’t do much to help

Tammy Thomas Suire Just an FYI. Montelukast is not an antihistamine.

Charlotte SimonsAuthor Tammy Thomas Suire why was I prescribed it by the dermatologist?

Tammy Thomas Suire Charlotte Simons it’s a drug that can help urticaria but it is not an antihistamine. It works entirely differently. That’s why he prescribed the “ allergy pills”. THOSE are the antihistamines.

Rebecca Chitham I get this sometimes when i wear socks and shoes all day and my feet are hot. I have cholinergic urticaria

Serena Tierney How long have you been on the montelukast? I was on them for some time and my hives were bad (iv had hives just over a year) i got that fed up i stopped taking everything to let my body breath for a bit. After a few days my hives slowed down I still get them but I only take fexofenadine now personally I think the montelukast made my worst but every one is different. X

Charlotte SimonsAuthor Serena Tierney I’m now back on them and they seem to have cleared up a pretty big flare up recently. I think I’m on only Day 6/7 I don’t want to stay on them forever so trying to get with my diet with it(Montelukast). But hopefully over time I can be weened off them. I have cleared up a lot compared to what I was like 3 days ago!

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