My hives is not as bad as other

I have been medication free for the past 2 months. Im not hives free but usually i will get less than 10 welts daily. I got used to the severity of the itchiness now. Anybody survived without taking medication? I know my hives is not as bad as most of the members’ in this group. This hive in the photo is the worst for me but i dont take antihistamine since somehow i got more hives when i was on regular antihistamine. Any similar story?


Celtic Kim I don’t get hives often either. But I’ve taken Benadryl immediately each time because I’ve had Angioedema twice and so I’m a little afraid to just let them go. One time I was covered head to toe with hives my skin felt like it was on fire. So I don’t think I could let them go without taking something.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I’m so glad you don’t get them often, or are not hard hit by them. They are still nasty and frustrating when they are there – whether there is one of them or 200 of them. Hugs to you!

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