My hives now are basically under control

My hives now are basically under control–I have a spot or two (small 1 – 3 inches). I call that “live able” after years of all over hell. I take Aciphex & Zyrtec& vitamin D to control. But this week I started feeling pressure hives where my bra band on my side is. The pic above is how it was after work. It felt like someone was cutting back & forth with serrated knife. I knew dr would just give me prednisone.
So I took 2 Benadryl every 3 hours..but I also bought this Gold Bond powder & some cortisone cream. (I was desperate at the pharmacy–looking for strongest over the counter stuff). Long story short–by next morning there was just a very small pale spot. This powder really felt good–it was cooling & cutting/burning agony stopped. I don’t know if this will help anyone else or not but thought I’d pass it on.


Carrie Harriman-Graham Thanks for sharing! I keep cooking spray in my fridge! Lol

Carmen Kulmatycki I have tried that powder when my back is a sweaty hot painful mess and it is soothing.

Lina Ibarra Darnell I use the roll on stick that looks like deodorant! I love it because of my pressure Hives! It’s actually called friction defense and I put it on my bra line, top of feet if I wear shoes and between legs. Lifesaver

Jolynn Reed I started to buy that–thanks for posting–I will buy it today!!!! lol. You should have seen me at the pharmacy the other night looking for the strongest stuff I could find: “Maybe, this has more stuff in it .no this is stronger.” lol.

Maggie Maye are you taking perscription Vit. D? and are you taking Vit. K with it for absorption?? I bought both and started today.

Jolynn Reed No–not prescription–just over the counter Vitamin D. No–I did not know about taking it with Vitamin K. Will visit w/ Dr.

Maggie Maye I took pills, but had to stop when starting the tacrolimus, he doesn’t want me taking supplements right niw, so trying to get in 10 min. Sun each say

Jolynn Reed I take chewable vitamin D.

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