My hives seem to break thru my meds in the morning

Praying this is the miracle . My hives seem to break thru my meds in the morning. maybe due to my detergent ? I usually only have them on my butt and back of legs possibly from sitting in my bed at night ? It may be a stretch but I’m praying this switch is all it is switching from purell oxiclean !!


Kamil Mimi Ealy Try All free and clear if that doesn’t work

Nicole Carrie Kamil Mimi Ealy thanks . I’ve been allergic to all in the past hence why I chose this one . I liked the fact it was plant based too !

Kamil Mimi Ealy Carrie Nicole oh ok…I’m afraid to try anything else.

Cariad George Anne Jordin Histamine increase overnight. It may just be that.

Nicole Carrie Cariad George Anne Jordin I pray it’s just my detergent . But figure it may but just as you said , so weird I’ve never had hives my whole life and not bam I’m struggling

Ashley Hood Breed I am salicylate sensitive so I can’t do plant based. Good luck 

Dawn Currier Heat and pressure along with the histamines increasing at night. Usually happens on areas or side you sleep on.

Nicole Carrie Dawn Currier yeah that’s what is weird I never have them on my side only my butt which I don’t sleep sitting down so it’s really weird

Jillyn Allred I get hives on my butt every night. It’s so annoying.

Nicole Carrie Jillyn Allred uggggg isn’t it ? So weird 


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