My hives this morning are apparent but so much fewer and smaller

I thought I’d share my breakfast because I’m still on all that medication and I take them with the lemon sparkling water pint (I reuse this plastic cup!!). Then I’ve got peppermint tea, gulten free toast with just peanut butter, apple, banana and new edition the Almond Salted Caramel Biomel drink.

My hives this morning are apparent but so much fewer and smaller. I will hopefully keep this new routine


Moon de Heer No nut allergies , almonds and peanuts could be triggers too

Charlotte Simons Moon de Heer I actually had on my low histamine food lists that pure nut butters were good. But I understand some people may have nut allergies but for others I thought this would be useful

Amy Glassow Look out for the lemon in that water. :] Citrus is a big trigger for some.

Charlotte Simons Amy Glassow thank you. I will remember that too

Beth Carrier Fye Hi Charlotte, How was that flavor of Biomel? Thanks for sharing!

Charlotte Simons Beth Carrier Fye not too bad, this was the Almond Salted Caramel. But honestly it’s so small that you drink it down in one big or 2 smallish glups so even if your not keen your still getting the goodness for your gut!!

Wanda Pasquet Thanks for sharing, gives me hope

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