My Katie is 1 month into no hives

Katie is offical 1 month into no hives. Just finished Keflex and no hives caused by it. Zytrec apparently gives her headaches and mood swings and very tired so it was stopped 1/2 way thru the antibotics. I have never been so happy in my life. Clearly she is very happy too. I pray hard it all stays this way. Wanted it to share with those who understand.


Sarah Elizabeth So so happy to hear this news!!!! Love to you all, especially dear Katie!

Kriste Colon Thank you our love to you as well. It all changed after all the wonderful cards came with all the positive thoughts. I have everyone to thank.

Debra Branan Shiflet So happy for this sweet little girl, and I know how relieved mommy is too!

Kriste Colon Thank you, yes me and Daddy are very relieved and soaking up each day that she wakes up clear.

Maggie Maye Oh I pray it continues for her

Nicole Lynn No one should have to suffer with this especially a child! So happy for you and your family!!

Kriste Colon Thank you!! I have been suffering myself but I don’t say anything because I would take it a million times over if it means she is clear.

Nicole Lynn My 3 year old has gotten hives twice before, first time pretty sure it was from raw egg (he helped me make scrambled egg before they came on) and the second time I switched dryer sheets. I panicked because if this is something that I could pass onto my son through genetics I would be devestated 🙁 and I totally agree. I would take this all day everyday if it meant it never happened to him

Kriste Colon I totally understand, it’s so scary. I hope it doesn’t ever pass on genetically to him. I feel so guilty for my daughter’s condition. I know I played a part even though I didn’t know better at the time. The relief I feel that I fix it I can’t even describe. I feel I owed that to her. She is so much happier and we have been able to go to the playground which she loves.

Nicole Lynn I can’t imagine being a kid and having to deal with this 🙁 so glad she is feeling better and able to be a kid again

Kriste Colon Thank you Nicole, me too

Kristie Jane How exciting for you all! We finally have our first meeting with a dermatologist on Wednesday after we have been waiting since Ava first flared up last Christmas! Long may it continue for you xx

Kriste Colon Oh my goodness I hope they have answers for you. I couldn’t have waited that long. I am sending you and your sweet little girl positive thoughts. All I can say is look into the weirdest causes if Katelyn hadn’t gotten so sick and wound up with a respiratory infection and refused to take a bath I wouldn’t have figured out how much the chemicals in our water has played a role in this horrible condition for her. Who would have thought right?

Kristie Jane Yeah its craziness, my daughters was 100% brought on as a coping mechanism for a stress event! And now every time she feels extreme emotion she is covered, whether that’s happy or sad – so we will wait and see what they say! X

Kriste Colon Poor baby, let me know how it goes. Will say a prayer for Ava.

Linda Graupner-Braucht She got well by using the vitamin C filter on the water, right? So glad that she got better. And survived Keflex.

Kriste Colon Yes, we treat her for yeast in her gut and she was doing better but still had hives. Then after being sick and no baths her hives went away completely, then I bathed her and they came back, did research only filter that removes all chemicals from the water is vitamin c filter. Also vitamin c tablets for the bath. I have even tried crushing nature’s made vitamin c tablets and throwing them in but 2,000mg and it has worked as well. I just ordered a probotics made to eat the yeast in the gut since Diflucan doesn’t stop it from coming back and can damage the liver. So hoping that it will cure the yeast issue forever. Funny thing is both the vitamin c filter and the probotic were originally from Japan. I swear they believe in curing issues and our country just makes medications to cover the symptoms.

Melody Matthews That news just made my day. Trying to be like her , now two weeks hive free and I have no explanation. Woohoo!!

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume Woohoo is right 🎉🎈I hope it never ,ever comes back .

Kriste Colon Yay!!! Omg that is great to hear! I hope that it’s completely gone.

Pat Boucher Carman I’m so happy for you and your little girl

Judy Carlson Winthrop So happy. Prayers work.

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