My Katie is now 3 weeks hive free

My Katie is now 3 weeks hive free. Hoping that I have figured out the cause and can keep it this way but this is the first time in a year and half that she has been hive free with no antihistamines. We even got to go out in the sun and heat to enjoy the pumpkin patch and no hives came to visit. A reminder to keep hope, and faith alive that it can be figured out. Keep trying, never give up. Love all of you like family, and so does Katie.


Alex Coleman Smith That’s great news. I will keep praying it stays away.

Melody Matthews Wonderful news! She is such a cutie! Praying for a hive free life for her!

Lucinda Harris Wow great news! What was the cause?

Mike Schwieters Wow Great News

Ana Noli That is awesome! Congratulations

Janice McClurg That just absolutely made my day!! Hooray Katie!! Whoo hoo!

Melanie Noosbond This made me smile. Katie is such a rave little girl. I remember your first post and it broke my heart. What was the cause?

Kriste Colon Yeast in the gut and allergic to chemicals in our water which I remove with vitamin C tabs for baths.

Joyce Rosenblatt Just fabulous to see her so happy!

Kriste Colon She still gets a lot of supplements but better than medications. Also has mthfr-c677t gene mutation so that causes toxins to build up in her body so toxic bath water makes her worse

Melanie Noosbond Where did you go to get her tested? I just gave up on my allergist. Having to start from scratch AGAIN

Kriste Colon The gene mutation the pediatrician order it. The yeast the pediatrician said that yeast can cause urticaria and being she had been on antibiotics for 14 months with mo probotics she thought this might be playing role. Said no truly accurate testing, but with her swollen belly and lack of wanting to eat she thought for sure she was right and she was. It took some time for things to resolve like months and she had two course of Diflucan 2 months ago. Some symptoms with her stomach showed up again last week and she is on the med again and back to eating and stomach swelling is down. Intergative pediatrician was the key

Melanie Noosbond Kriste Colon thank you! I am so happy for her!

Kriste Colon Thank you, also our water was causing her hives. Using vitamin C tabs to remove the chemicals from the water and now completely hive free and antihistamine free. That also took 2 weeks of not having a bath to see a difference. I used bottle water for sponge bath. Then that was it hive free since. If she plays with our regular water she gets itchy from it so I know for sure it’s the water. We actually have some of the worst water in the state it turns out

Melanie Noosbond Kriste Colon wow that’s crazy. I have Lake Michigan and I hear that’s the best water

Kriste Colon They use something called chlormines which is chlorine and ammonia mixed together. Also I am wonder if it’s the fluoride since she got a treatment on her teeth at the same time as her MMR and it’s in the water. Not sure what it is exactly but I know the vitamin c works to get rid of it

Kriste Colon Thanks everyone, us too. We couldn’t have done it without the support of all of you, and your positive thoughts for Katie. You all have been there with us listening our worries and concerns even when we lost hope you all would come and give it back to us. I have been blessed to find this group along with my husband. Thanks to all of you and determination I really hope we have beat this for good. By the way still looks at the cards everyday.

Linda Graupner-Braucht Wow. So much to really paying attention. Wonderful you found the source. I have been loading up on. Vitamin D3. 8000 units. Then apple cider vinegar once a day. Seems like the hives are not as intense. I think it is a yeast thing with many of us who took antibiotics for an infection. Time will tell. I know woman yeast infections get some better with vinegar.

Barbara Milam-Jividen So hoping it will help you

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