My left thumb is swollen, numb and the red area is hard

I’ve had chronic hives for about 18 months, and I’m under lots of medication. My question is something new that started happening to day. My left thumb is swollen, numb and the red area is hard. Doesn’t feel like a hive. Is this typical?


Donna Johnson Did you press on something today? That happens to me

Erica Marroquin Not that I know of

Erica Marroquin Now that I think about it, it could be something like you said Donna. So its like a pressure hive? First time its ever happened, so strange

Denise Bukantis Angioedema.

Devin Shea That is what I get! Angiodema – hands, feet & eyes. Usually goes away in a few hours or after I take some antihistamines.

Denise Bukantis Hard lumps from deep under the skin.. My angioedema’s sometimes take a couple weeks to go away.

Erica Marroquin Oh wow, at first it wasn’t bothersome but for the last hours its more like a painful numb. Meanwhile I have had the lightest hives all over in weeks.

Denise Bukantis Mine are so huge and very painful. usually they leave a bruise.. I hate getting them ..

Lani Kazmark Yes! I’m actually experiencing something like this right now! But mine is pressure related like others are suggesting.

Erica Marroquin Thanks for the info, I’m hoping this goes away soon or not get worse. Have an interview tomorrow. I’m sure this had happened to some of you, but its almost impossible to get a job covered in hives

Lani Kazmark I hope you can clear up some and be able to have a successful interview! I work as a waitress and feel so embarrassed going up to my tables. Part of me wants to divulge my whole situation so they don’t think I have some horrible disease they’re going to catch or something crazy.

Mélissa Pelletier I have it too sometimes . these are so painful grrrrrr especially when you press on something!!

Mélissa Pelletier Usually they go away after 24 hours or less

Cochinillo Dulce I’ve had that experience. Also, I have osteoarthritis. When arthritis hits my knuckles, hives join in the fun of making them more swollen.
Hives are party-crushers as I told my husband. They join in on any fun that’s happening to my body. No exception.

Janell Staples Going to an orthopedic doctor Thursday for something similar. My hives last usually 24 to 36 hours. Had a hard painful lump on my thumb for 2 weeks by this Thursday. I can’t even open soda bottles and hurts to drive bc of my grin.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Yes! Very normal! This is most likely delayed pressure urticaria, a type of physical urticaria! Talk to your doctor about this!

Ann Morgan I get this have for years never put it down to urticaria , it comes and goes can be there for a day or two or week or two

Lisa Ohtea Purely helps mine. Vitamin d at 20000 everyday supposedly helps too

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