My leg started as 5 tiny ones hives now can not control my this gives pain

Well I have to accept these horrible things so I am calling them my frog ponds. The one up the top of my leg started as 5 tiny ones. By that night I was covered in one big one from my neck to my toes. They had all joined! 15 years and I still have them


Laura Anne Agnew Omg seriously u poor soul prayers for u I have had them for 3 and I thought I was alone big hugs.

Kes Piper It is when they are like the little ones that really hurt

Laura Anne Agnew I understand but tons of people r not educated and don’t understand our condition grrrr

Cathy Stange Oh hon they look so painful!

Teresa Wilson Oh no the hard painful ones. So sorry

Barb Allen Bless your heart.. I will be praying for you.. 27 years for me.. I just pray someone could figure this out..

Teresa Wilson I would be at the ER getting IV steroids

Mildred Chapin That hurts to look at it. Maybe changes to diet. I eliminate gluten, prepared foods, GMOs

Kes Piper I have elongated everything but fresh air. They have told me there is nothing way of finding out what causes it. I just learn to accept them now.

Connie Watts Have you tried or have they at least suggested getting you approved for Xolair????? It literally saved my sanity, I was hive free after a week, been hive free for 19 months now with zero side effects

Erik Jeffery I’ll say this. I’ve started taking pro biotic. I also have done some cleanses. Mixing water, Acv, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon for seven days every morning. I have also been eating better. No fast food. Try eating as fresh as I can. So far so good. I also keep my environment as clean as I can. Just mentioning who knows why it really stopped but coincidence when I started the regiment. Good luck!!

Jennifer Knoll Does cold help you at all ? It so helps me. Cold packs. I put them on & take my antihistamines & use ain’t-itch cream & they fade, at least for a while! I consider myself lucky that it has been a while since I’ve had a whole body outbreak & I feel for you, I’ve been there. Montelekast also helps me. Many people on this site have tried the new injection, Xolair I think? It’s something to look into, best of luck!!

Kes Piper Cold packs give me some relief especially when both ears are swollen with them and they feel like they are on

Ginny Maffei DiMedio I’ve been where you are. I hope you find relief. I am getting Xolair injections but what I thought was IBS was an infection and due to prolonged use of Prednisone, my colon perforated. After surgery, the flares have stopped. I have a few every couple of days which a Zyrtec relieves. Prior to that I was taking double doses of antihistamines plus Xolair and Prednisone and still flaring.

Mildred Chapin So some doctor was over medicating you?
Someone else posted they developed a bone disease from too much prednisone. I wonder if your doctor has tried to determine under lying cause rather than just treat symptoms

Shannon Moya Ooo I call those map hives! You got continents on your body!!! Put some ice cloths on those asap to help. Take the swelling out It sucks But it works

Stacie Sides Kimbrell I take zrytec daily if I don’t I will be broke out with Hives and itching with my lips swelled. Zyrtec has been a lifesaver for me!! I take 3 a night!!

Helen Spiridis OMG – your poor darling. Seeing some of these posts puts my not so severe case into perspective. I pray it gets better and stay strong.

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